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Do you blot your lipstick?

I'm curious to see how many of you blot your lipstick?? I always have, because I don't like to end up with lipstick on my teeth, but sometimes I feel like I'm taking some of the color off too. And what about lip gloss? I think I read somewhere that you don't blot it, but then I'm afraid it will end up on my teeth! Then again, blotting seems to defeat the whole purpose of wearing a gloss. Any thoughts?

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

I never blot anything, and I rarely end up with anything on my teeth. I do prefer matte lipstick, though.


If I'm wearing something especially creamy, I might do the "stick my finger in my mouth" trick (lol... is there a nice way to say that?), which always seems to work.

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

"Stick finger in mouth" - Yep - I've done that!  I think part of the problem is I'm wearing more creamy lipsticks where I used to wear mostly matte. Plus I've been wearing some lip glosses too and they are completely new to me! 

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

I only Blot my lipstick if i feel i put too much on. I usually am good about only putting a thin layer on and most to all of my lipsticks are matte so i don't need to blot. I don't wear lip gloss but i don't think your supposed to blot. 


And the only trick i've learned about not getting lipstick on your teeth is to use your finger and close your lips around it like a straw and then pull out. 

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

Yeah, I think I get blot-happy some times. I'm a big fan of the finger trick too. Will have to use that more often!

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

I blot it when I want intense and lasting color (also use a lip brush to work it in). Yes you do take some color off so you should reapply if you want the intensity, which is why I only do it for special occasions where it counts.


I don't blot gloss. Usually I wear sheer gloss, but for bold gloss, I find the 100% glossy lips doesn't always come across as pretty in real life as in the glossy magazines. When I'm wearing bold gloss, what I do is first apply a lip pencil or lipstick in similar/matching shade, blot, then apply gloss on the center and smoosh my lips. This way I get a natural shine/pout that fades as it gets to corner of my lips.

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

I like the lip pencil/gloss combo. That's something I will have to try!

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

Hi Joeanne,


I sometimes blot if its a matte lipstick or if I apply too much lipstick! It makes it sort of a stain.

<3 Melissa

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

i don't blot, lipsticks don't seem to be as sticky as they were in the past, these days when i apply lipstick it stays put.

Re: Do you blot your lipstick?

I don't blot unless I put to much on and then I do more of a judicious dabbing rather than a true blotting.


I've never used the finger trick.  I just smile in the mirror.  It's very rare that there is lipstick on my teeth; usually when I've put too much on.

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