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Do I need MAC lippies?

Honestly, a girl can't have too many tubes of lipsticks right? I have never had any experience with MAC as a brand, but there a ton of good things going on about their lippies right now. So it gotta be great right? I mean, I reallllllllllly want to try their lipsticks, but do I actually realllly NEED to?


I do love my natural matte pinks and reds for lipsticks? Ladies, can y'all gimme some color suggestions of nice matte reds and/or natural pinks and nudes?

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

Ladies, can someone briefly explain the different formulas MAC lipsticks come in? Especially amplified creme, retro matte and cremesheen? And the difference between frost and luster? satin and glaze?

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

Matte - basic matte formula; no shimmer, no sheen, sometimes a little drying, longest wearing

Retro Matte - a little creamier than the basic matte but just as flat, long wearing (newer formula)

Pro Longwear Lipcreme - creamy, opaque, matte coverage, very drying IMO

Satin - halfway between a creme and a matte, usually no shimmer, opaque but has a bit of a sheen, moderately long wearing (6-ish hours?)

Amplified - a creamy matte lipstick, less drying but doesn't wear as long as even the satins, IMO

Amplified Creme - glossy finish, opaque coverage (can have glitter or shimmer)

Frost - heavily pearlized, full coverage lipstick (not always opaque, but full coverage)

Cremesheen - a little sheer, definitely creamy (I find that these need to be reapplied more frequently) no frost or glitter, usually

Cremesheen Pearl - the Cremesheen formula with pearl added, not quite as heavy on pearl as a frost but noticeable

Lustre - more sheer than Cremesheen, a little more glossy

Sheen Supreme - gloss/lipstick hybrid. Very glossy, very sheer, not very long lasting


I don't have any experience with the Mineralize Rich lipsticks. 

I hope that's helpful! I tried to list them from most matte and opaque to glossiest and sheerest. 



Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

VERY VERY helpful! Thank you so much!

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

My wallet is full of tears just looking at all the pretty colors... but I am loving the suggestions! Thanks!!

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

MAC is great simply because they're so easily accessible, have a huge colour range (although still have some gaps) and are very affordable compared to high end brands. I adore MAC reds. My favourites are Diva (berry-red), Viva Glam I (rusty-red), Russian Red (true vintage blue-red) and Lady Danger (bright orange-red), all mattes. I also really like the colour of Dubonnet, but I don't like that it's so creamy and it doesn't have the lasting power of the mattes. I've eyed their nudes off a few times but nothing seems to quite work for me. They do have a great selection in all finishes though.

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

I loveeeeeeeee MAC--my all time favorite lipsticks! 


Must haves in neutral territory--


--creme cup



-pink plaid ( matte) 


-- peach blossom


Smiley Happy)) have fun! 


Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

LOVE faux!

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

Yes! And honestly, they're quite affordable when you consider how much other brands cost. Plus their deal where you return 6 empties for a free new one is neat Smiley Happy


Good staying power, and a nice variety of colours. My fave is Rebel... it's a really neat magenta/purple and Russian Red! 

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

Both of these colors are among my favorites!!! Absolutely love MAC Rebel!

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

Yes you need at least one in your life Smiley Wink

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

YAAAAAAASSSSSSS. MAC is my go to for lipsticks. St. Germain and Snob are my go to pinks (but they aren't very matte sorry) but Russian Red is a gorgeous matte red. 

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

I think it's worth a shot. I just got their St. Germaine and I'm madly in love with it. I've also used (but never owned) Myth, which is a fabulous nude. I'd definitely try them, at least once, they may end up being your favorites, and the lippies are surprisingly affordable. I'm used to paying at least $20-$30 on a good lipstick, but the SG was $16 and had free two day shipping (which may have ended by now, I'm not sure) but that's not too bad at all to have found my perfect pink!

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

Did you buy it directly from the MAC site?

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

I did! And @HelloCoffee that is great to know, shipping is a big thing for me, so I may have to splurge there more often!

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

Mac's website usually offers free 2 day shipping. And if you like matte shades, especially pinks and reds, Mac is definitely  brand to check out! Also, I agree with the other ladies here, when compared to other brands, Mac is actually very affordable.  

Re: Do I need MAC lippies?

Yes, I get e-mails from them very often with the free shipping offer. I would say at least once or twice a month I get those e-mails!  They are doing free 2 day right now as we speak!  I just ordered my Full of Joy blush!

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