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Deeper blue-toned red in Sephora lip products?

I'm utterly hooked on the true red Sephora lip stain -- it's my favorite product -- but there are times when I need a darker blue-toned red to go with what I'm wearing. I have pale pink-toned skin (no yellow!) and can wear both true red and jewel tones, but can't handle anything with orange undertones at all. 

Sephora doesn't seem to have a lip stain in that color family, so I'm looking for a Sephora lipstick or lip liner (lip liners with gloss on top work really well for me) that will fit the niche. From the pictures on-line, though, I can't pick out a deep blue-red from an orange-based brick or a dark pink. Any specific color suggestions? 

Re: Deeper blue-toned red in Sephora lip products?

Hmmm, it's hard to tell things from swatches so I suggest you google image the products you are interested in to see different swatches and that will help.


Not Sephora, but Nars lip pencil Cruella is definitely a dark blue-toned red and an excellent product. I've tried it and think it fits your criteria (tho personally I prefer something brighter like Dragon Girl). Hope that....semi-helps. =/

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