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Dark LIPSTICK Colors

Opinions please  Does a dark lipstick immediatly age you?

I have read/heard this on internet sites (youtube) and whant your thoughts?


Frankly I have been trying to wear red again (I'm 51) and cant get past this...

maybe time to give up?

Re: Dark LIPSTICK Colors

MUFE-artistrougenatural.jpgIf you're going for sheer reds, you may want to look at MUFE Artist Rouge Natural in N45.  It's a lovely bright shade of red (rather than dark), but rather than going on opaque and matte, it's sheer and moisturizing.  I find when I use this I don't need to worry about liner and lip brushes for precision, I can just swipe it on and go.

Re: Dark LIPSTICK Colors

I see.  I think its the washing out. I dont have lip lines yet, I'll try out the sheer stuff...thanks

Re: Dark LIPSTICK Colors

Dark lipsticks ages you, for the reasons Gloria22 stated. But if you are trying to wear red, there are plenty of options aside from blood/brick red. You can try a dab of red gloss, which looks very fresh, or a sheer red as a hydrating lip gloss/balm/stick, which is not as in-your-face and doesn't emphasize lip lines.

Try some on instore, I'm sure there's a good red for you. =)

Re: Dark LIPSTICK Colors

Dark lipsticks are gonna make your lips look smaller and depending on the shade can wash you out, which can age you. Some lipsticks can wear badly and setting into your lips and lines around the mouth, creating wrinkles that aren't visible otherwise.


It's really up to you how dark or bright you want to go but, with those lipsticks you gotta maintain them throughout the day. There are other options like glosses, stains, balms, and more that can use wanna wear a dark lip...



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