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Bomb Lip Balms!



EDIT: This started out as a way for me to chronicle my journey to find my favourite lip balm. The thread quickly gained traction and many people chimed in with their favourites, so I decided to change the point of this thread to be more of a resource to help people find their favourite too.


If you’ve got a favourite, please feel free to post it here. If you’re on the hunt for something, have a read through all the posts. Hopefully you’ll find your favourite holy grail lip balm too!





I’ve been on the hunt for my absolute favourite, holy grail lip balm lately. I decided to provide reviews for ones I’ve tried here in case anyone is interested.


My criteria for lip balm is it needs to restore a feeling of moisture in my lips, provide additional benefits like calming irritation or including SPF, come in small, pocket-friendly packaging, and cost less than $10. I don’t mind scents or flavourslong as they’re pleasant. If anyone has lip balms they love, I’d been interested in trying them out.




Nivea: Delicious Drop (Peach & Vanilla)

Cost: $7

Pros: Smells absolutely heavenly, soft, buttery texture, restores moisture, has SPF, tear drop shape for wider application

Cons: Difficult to find outside Asian shops, no calming ingredients for irritated lips

Verdict: Love, love love the scent! Will definitely purchase again and use on good lip days.


Lovisia Lip Cream (Pikachu Yuzu)

Cost: $15

Pros: Smells fresh, citrusy, and invigorating, soft texture, moisturizing, super cute, nostalgic packaging

Cons: No SPF, no calming ingredients for irritated, chapped lips, pricy, difficult to find outside Asian shops

Verdict: Very nostalgic but price and  lack of SPF makes it hard to justify buying again. A maybe for days when I need a feel-good throwback to my childhood.


Blistex Deep Moisture Renewal

Cost: $4

Pros: No scent, has SPF, very moisturizing, cheap, easy to find in local drug stores

Cons: No calming ingredients for irritated, chapped lips

Verdict: My current go-to if I need lip balm. I’ve already gone through a few of these.


Benton Honest Lip Balm

Cost: $11

Pros: No scent, consistency is not too think or sticky feeling, long lasting moisture, vegan

Cons: Difficult to find outside of Asian shops, no SPF or calming ingredients for irritated, chapped lips

Verdict: I prefer stick formulas. Probably won’t repurchase again unless they develop a stick formula.


Shiseido Water In Lip

Cost: $10

Pros: Very moisturizing with hyaluronic acid, cooling effect for irritation, SPF

Cons: Has a cough syrup-like smell (goes away quickly), hard to find outside of Asian shop

Verdict: Will repurchase again for days when lips are irritated and red.


The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Macaron Lip Balm (Cool as Mint)

Cost: $8

Pros: Minty scent, contains vitamin E, very cute packaging

Cons: Thick consistency, no SPF, packaging might be cute but not the most compact

Verdict: Won’t repurchase, but will definitely keep the packaging to re-house other lip balms in (it lies flat, so it’s great to keep in my car on hot days when lip balm gets a little melty)


Blistex Lip Medex

Cost: $5

Pros: Very cooling for irritated lips, easy to find at drug stores, lots of lip balm in container means it will last a long time

Cons: Smells like Vaporub (actually a pro when I’m sick), clunky packaging, no SPF

Verdict: Used to be my go-to when my lips were in rough shape. Have found ones I like more, won’t repurchase.


Eucerin Aquaphor

Cost: $3

Pros: No scent, Seals in moisture, easy to find at drug stores

Cons: Doesn’t restore moisture when lips are dry, no SPF

Verdict: It’s alright. Won’t repurchase unless I desperately need lip balm and there’s no other option.



Cost: $4

Pros: Seals in moisture, can found almost everywhere, shouldn’t cause any irritation

Cons: No other benefits outside sealing in moisture

Verdict: It’s versatile and takes forever to empty. I think it’s going to be a while before I repurchase.



$8 for 3

Pros: Has SPF, seals in moisture, easy to find at drugstores, very cheap

Cons: Has a scent I can’t describe (not terrible but not amazing either)

Verdict: It’s meh. Won’t repurchase.


Covergirl Clean Fresh (clear)

Cost: $5

Pros: Contains hyaluronic acid, easy to find at drugstores, comes in other shades

Cons: Really thick consistency, no SPF, doesn’t feel like it adds moisture back (despite containing hyaluronic acid)

Verdict: I really wanted to like this one but it underwhelmed and underperformed. Won’t be repurchasing.


Koaino Eco Lip Balm (Unflavoured)

Cost: $6

Pros: Simple, all-natural ingredients,  seals in moisture, packing is paper-based makes it compostable

Cons: Smells like greasy popcorn, doesn’t restore moisture, no ingredients to calm irritated lips or SPF, hard to find anywhere

Verdict: Not a fan of the scent, won’t repurchase.


Sephora Collection Clean Lip Balm (Coconut, not pictured)

Cost: $10

Pros: Clean, coconut scent, restores moisture, smooth texture, some of the packaging is paper-based, comes in many flavours

Cons: No SPF or calming ingredients for irritated lips, doesn’t seem to be available anymore

Verdict: Not listed anymore, so couldn’t repurchase it even if I wanted to.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

Adding another one here. I found COSRX lip mask at Winners and I’ve been using it for the last few days.

COSRX Lip Mask
Cost: $17

Pros: No discernible smell or flavour, goes on smoothly, very moisturizing, mildly tacky but dries quickly, seems to be reducing some of the lines on and around my lips, came with a bonus trial size of their Cica toner.

Cons: Hard to find outside of Asian beauty stores or get lucky like I did at Winners (American friends might be able to find this at Ulta)

Verdict: Where have you been all my life!? Will definitely repurchase again!


Tagging @greeneyedgirl107 because you asked for my review on it. 😁

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@JoSometimes  ohh CosRX!! I need to try some of theyre products!


The Welsh brothers rave about that brand. I will look online for theyre lip mask now! 😉



Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@JoSometimes thanks for the info!

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

A new challenger has entered...



 e.lf. has a new balm, a Collab with American Eagle.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

Sounds like an old Lipstick Queen item @danielledanielle . I need to dig it out of my stash because I used to use it often.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@danielledanielle Colour change lip balm!? I’ve seen a few of these on social media. Been curious about it. Payday is also on the 30th…

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

I have it @Titian06 , IMO, it's pretty close to the Bite agave lip mask, pre-formula change (which I still have, like 1-2 more I am holding onto for dear life!!!).  I hate the dispenser though, it pushes out way more than I would want.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

Thanks, @danielledanielle ! 😘  Sounds promising except for the packaging.  I'll most likely get it during the sale.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@Titian06 , just checked, Fenty Fam sale ends tonight, so if you get it direct it's 25%.  No shipping minimum U.S. side.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@JoSometimes I use LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C in the morning.  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick at work.  LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm when I get home.  Aquaphor when I'm sitting on the couch.  The Laneige mask with Aquaphor layered over it at night.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

Thanks @greeneyedgirl107! I have tried that one yet. I actually just bought a lip sleep mask yesterday from COSRX that I found at Marshall’s. I might pick up a tube of the lip balm though if it’s part of the spring sale. It seems to be quite popular.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@JoSometimes that one did pique my interest!  Ulta has one, too, now.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@greeneyedgirl107 I used it last night and this morning my lips were the softest they’ve ever been in a looong time. I feel like used less lip balm overall today too!

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@JoSometimes that's great!

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@greeneyedgirl107 My first impressions of it are good. I wanna give a fair go for a few days before I post about it here though.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms!

@JoSometimes of course!

Re: Bomb Lip Balms: The Search for my HG

I never thought this thread would attract so much attention! I haven’t seen a lip balm thread, so I thought maybe we could turn this into one since it’s got so many suggestions on here. 


Please feel free to edit your post and make it more of a review. What makes that lip balm your favourite? Anything you wish the manufacturer would change? How much did it cost and where did you find it? Lastly, what are your final thoughts? Would you 11/10 recommend it to a friend?


And one more thank you to @Margalee @alexasteph @Loretta55 @CookieGirl1 @WinglessOne @Titian06 @CynthieLu @Mellmars1185 @dride25 for your recommendations! 

Re: Bomb Lip Balms: The Search for my HG


Burts Bees lip balm is really good for $3.99. It is available tinted and with various flavors too. I think it's all natural and has vitamin E among other oils. It works pretty well, taste is fine, smells great and the tints are pretty pigmented. All for a few dollars.

Frank Body lip balm is in a tube not stick form. It works pretty well and you can get flavors and tints also. It has oils and vitamin E. It's about $10.00. I like the color but I wish it were more pigmented. It does apply easily and works pretty well.

I don't think either one has petroleum. Both have lanolin for those who are sensitive.


I will note that when my lips are really torn up I turn to more expensive products like Algenist liquid collagen for lips. When my lips are split open from chaffing or sickness this will put them back to normal in about three days. Last I saw it is $35 a tube. Which seems ridiculous but consider you are walking around with open wounds and all the germs passing through...

Also watch for a good sale on Pat McGrath clear balm. Normally $40 you can snag a sale for $14-17. I don't think I have paid the $40 yet since it goes on sale twice? a year at least.  When you apply it you might be able to see why it's so pricey. I think it lasts longer both on the lips and stick wise than drugstore lip balms. The clear is definitely better IMO than the tinted and sparkle versions. My lips haven't been severely chaffed in quite awhile. If you have a constant trouble with chaffing you might want to splurge. Also Tatcha lip sleeping mask is really good. The laniege is ok but doesn't really hit it when my lips get bad. Again Tatcha is more expensive but very good and I don't need it all the time so it lasts a long time where the other brands I'd buy a lot of it so it'd be the same price if not more. I would 11/10 recommend Pat McGath clear, Algenist collagen. 8/10 Burts Bees, next the 7/10 Frank Body. Depending how bad the lips are.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms: The Search for my HG

@Margalee Thanks for the recommendations! The Pat McGrath one seems to get a deep discount based on what you said but I can’t seem to find it on Sephora’s website. Might not be available up here. 

Re: Bomb Lip Balms: The Search for my HG

@JoSometimes I am also a bit of a lip balm addict, and lately my go-tos have been Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy 


You mentioned you prefer the stick formula, and generally I do as well, but these are both in tubes. The FAB is really good sized and lasts a long time, plus it’s vegan and unscented, but is above the stipulated $10 threshold at $12. The Jack Black is not vegan with lanolin and beeswax, but has SPF which is great. I like the original shea and peppermint versions, which come together as a set for $13. Single tubes are $10. 

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