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Bite Lip Wipes

I just spotted this on Temptalia.... 




They are 10 for $12 or 30 for $22... 


I just... why? Why would you spend over (or almost) a dollar for a lip wipe? Am I missing something here? Are we too good for a spitty tissue to wipe off mistakes or stain?

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

Hmmm, it claims to use "natural, food-grade ingredients," similar to their lipstick lines, so I suppose you won't have to worry if you accidentally ingest any make-up remover residue on your lips?  


On the other hand, it's a bit expensive for the size of the product. :/

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

Especially if you wear lipstick daily. Just seem silly and unnecessary. 

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

Ok bite, i luv ya but this is too much. If they were full sz for the face i would have maybe been interested. but not a lip wipe because by the end of the day i usually don't have much lip product on. and anything bright that last all day can be removed with my eye remover & makeup wipe.

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

I guess that I'm missing the point of these also. My makeup remover wipes or soap and water work just fine for me. I'll be interested to see if I'm just not seeing why these are important.

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

That's an awfully expensive moist towelette!

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Like the ones they hand out on airplanes!

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