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Bite Lip Wipes

I just spotted this on Temptalia.... 



They are 10 for $12 or 30 for $22... 


I just... why? Why would you spend over (or almost) a dollar for a lip wipe? Am I missing something here? Are we too good for a spitty tissue to wipe off mistakes or stain?

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

I totally agree! The "What's new " section is virtually worthless!!


Re: Bite Lip Wipes

If these were more economical(like 30 for $12) I'd definitely like them. A small, individually packaged wipe to take care of lipstick mistakes and smudges without having to carry a giant package of makeup removing wipes would be very nice. I find the spitty often makes things worse by smearing lipstick everywhere as opposed to just removing the mark where you went over your lip line. If these were cheaper, I'd love them, but for now I'll just be extra careful when applying and wiping my face.

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