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Bite Lip Wipes

I just spotted this on Temptalia.... 




They are 10 for $12 or 30 for $22... 


I just... why? Why would you spend over (or almost) a dollar for a lip wipe? Am I missing something here? Are we too good for a spitty tissue to wipe off mistakes or stain?

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

I'm with @shoegirly !  I have so many lipsticks now that sometimes it takes me a couple (or more) tries in the morning to find the right color.  I have no problem using a "spitty tissue" as @redwagon44 says (that's been my standard for years), but with my extremely dry lips, it is very hard on them--spit an all.  Ironically, I had been thinking after my last encounter with multiple lipsticks, "wouldn't it be nice to have a lipstick remover like the facial wipes."  I've never heard of the Bite, OCC, or Clinique lipstick removers.  I may get the "cute" package to see how I like them and for the mirror!  Thanks everyone!  Smiley Happy

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

I thought the same thing when I first saw these but then I remembered all my frustration and annoyance when I put on a lipstick in the morning and it's just not right (doesn't look good with the outfit, I changed my mind, applied it poorly, etc.) and I have to either wipe it off with a tissue, which never works very well and I go through multiple or a make up remover wipe, which tastes disguuuusting! I may actually invest in the smaller ones just to keep handy and the mirror is adorable!

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

Why were these not pictured in the "What's New" section?  So many new products that are not pictured, with things that have been available for weeks still listed as new.  Confusing Sephora.

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

I have given up on trying to use the "What's New" tab. I've just been checking out BT for new products. They don't seem to ever update that section. We're left to search on our own. Smiley Sad

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

I totally agree! The "What's new " section is virtually worthless!!

Re: Bite Lip Wipes

If these were more economical(like 30 for $12) I'd definitely like them. A small, individually packaged wipe to take care of lipstick mistakes and smudges without having to carry a giant package of makeup removing wipes would be very nice. I find the spitty often makes things worse by smearing lipstick everywhere as opposed to just removing the mark where you went over your lip line. If these were cheaper, I'd love them, but for now I'll just be extra careful when applying and wiping my face.

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