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Bite Cashmere lip cream

Has anyone had a bad batch of these the one I got will not dry and its streaky. I had it on for around an hour and it was half way off and streaky like it creeps into the lines of my lips. If i touch my lips it gets all over the place. Should I return it?

Re: Bite Cashmere lip cream

Could be a bad batch. i have two and just wore one today. They shouldn't come off or apply streaky.

Re: Bite Cashmere lip cream

yeah if you're not happy with it you should return it, people return things to Sephora all the time when they don't like it, it doesn't to be a bad batch.

Re: Bite Cashmere lip cream

I know I order something online I didn't like the color when it arrived, then i return it grab something i already had thinking it was a different color. Then i got this when i return that. :/

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