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Bite Beauty Lush Tint in Watermelon

What are some lipsticks that have similar color to the bite beauty watermelon lush tint?


Re: Bite Beauty Lush Tint in Watermelon

Thanks so muchh!!!

I will certainly try one of those chubby sticks. I'll try getting #6=)

I absolutely lovvee rosy colors! thank you!!!

Re: Bite Beauty Lush Tint in Watermelon

Hi makeupsephora, 


The Tarte shade lylysa showed you is great! Such a good match- I love those pencils too! I'd also like to share the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense balms- very similar in the crayon format and a gorgeous color shade, I JUST bought the #6 Roomiest Rose (a watermelon rose shade!) that may also work for you too Smiley Happy





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Bite Beauty Lush Tint in Watermelon

you save my life. thank you!

Re: Bite Beauty Lush Tint in Watermelon

No prob! The two Tarte suggestions start off as a more sheer wash of color with a slight sheen, but you can layer and build up on the color pay off to adjust the degree of how much color you want.


If you end up choosing the Achiote shade, Tarte makes a kit that includes a complimentary gloss and long wearing blush as well! The last pic I posted shows what all three items in the kit look like.


Re: Bite Beauty Lush Tint in Watermelon

Thanks for your help! I will definitely take a look at tarte products=)

Re: Bite Beauty Lush Tint in Watermelon

I found a pic of Watermelon (middle):



It looks pretty similar to the finish and shade in Tarte's LipSurgence lip stain line in Swank (one over from the right):


I've also found a swatch of Watermelon where it's not as boldly applied:



Tarte's Luster LipSurgence Lip Stain in Achiote looks more like that (not as bold as Swank, but similar color range, it's the middle swatch):


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