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Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

OK So I am ready to cry! Not literally but inside a little bit.  I just called Sephora to ask when they may get a shipment in of either the Bite Beauty Lip Library and/or Discovery Kit and I was told there are no more orders! It is gone! I am kicking myself for not checking out the other night when I have the Bite Lip Library in my cart.

So sad.

(note how this little guy has small lips with zero lip color on- that is me).


Added 5/31/13 I wanted to edit this post because when ever I see it on the board there is a frown face and now that I have bought both of these I am happy. 



Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

yes! You are right Starletta8 (i think i said the same thing to you a few days back). LOL

Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

Hey here are links to the Lip Library and Discovery Set


On sale right now and only available through these links since the sales have not refreshed for the day. They will be posted probably in the morning but might sell out before then. So if you want these order now! : )

Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

@momo - you are awesome, how on earth did you find these.  I snagged the discovery set for my sister!

Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

I already purchased both sets about a month ago so they show up on my "purchases" list. From that list I can follow a link to reorder the item by clicking "add to basket."


But it only pops up every now and then. Usually it says "permanently out of stock."


Glad you were able to get the set! It is really cute!

Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

whoa, i just checked the sale section and they threw everything and the kitchen sink in there!  I wonder if they had all the retail stores send back their clearance items to a warehouse or something.....interesting.

Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

Yea, I saw that there is a huge amount of stuff there.  I got email about something I signed up for back in December, I think!  Anyway, I just saw these were both available so I hope roxystar4 gets to see this before they're gone again.

Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

They are both in stock again, just click the "sale" tab at the bottom of Sephora's home page!


I just snagged the library after it being on my shopping list for the longest time. Can't wait! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit

I got both! yay

Re: Bite Beauty Library/Discovery Kit


im so glad I snagged these. They are already sold out 

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