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Bite Beauty Lab NYC

As requested, here is a mini documentary of my visit to Bite Beauty Lab! The store is located in Soho on Prince St. I arrived early and was able to score a custom color appointment easily; however, customers who arrived after me had to wait anywhere from 30 min to a couple of hours. I would recommend either calling ahead of time or coming early.

Bite 1.jpg


This is a view of the consultation area. You sit across from a MUA with a spread of colors between you, as well as a clean surface for mixing:

Bite 4.jpg


The lovely MUA (whose name I forget! I remember that she was from Senegal, that she wore MUD eyemakeup, and that she used to work for OCC, but for the life of me I can not remember her name!) introduced me to the four formulations: Luminous Creme, Matte Creme (?), Sheer Creme (?), and Creme Deluxe. The Luminous Creme is like the Luminous Creme lippies that they sell: satin finish, hydrating. The Matte Creme is supposed to have silica powder which makes it longer lasting. The Sheer Creme is sheer and hydrating, probably like the sheer lippies in their regular line. The Creme Deluxe has more antioxidants and is long lasting due to inclusion of Japanese silk and is therefore more expensive at 48$. The prior 3 are 36$. I decided to get a Creme Deluxe in a classic blue based red and a Luminous Creme in a pinky-peach my-lips-but-better shade. The MUA started mixing shades using a spatula on a clear surface:

Bite 6.jpg


The first mixture was too bold, the second too purple, and the third was just right. For good measure, I tried a fourth, but settled on the third. With each concoction, the MUA wrote down the proportions of the different ingredients:

Bite 8.jpg


After settling on both shades, I was asked to choose a scent. There was a scent station with cherry, wildberry, mint, vanilla, mango, citrus mango, and violet scented lipstick bases. I settled on citrus mango:

Bite 9.jpg


My MUA then pulled all the pigments for my lippies from a wall full of pigments in bon-bon sizes and shapes:

Bite 13.jpg


She then put them in a cup and added the appropriate lipstick base formulation as well as several drops of the scent I had chosen:

Bite 16.jpg


After melting the concoction in the microwave, she put the mixture in a centrifuge:

Bite 17.jpg


She then tested the shade against the shade we had mixed together at the consultation area. One of the shades was slightly off so she added additional pigment and then remelted/centrifuged:Bite 18.jpg


Once the shades were perfect, she poured them into lipstick molds:Bite 19.jpg


The lipstick molds were set on a cool surface and allowed to solidify. Afterward, she released them from the mold:Bite 21.jpg


Bite 23.jpg


She then got an empty housing and placed it carefully over the unmolded lippie:Bite 24.jpg


Then the lipstick was lidded and boxed:

Bite 25.jpg


The lipstick was placed in a box and labelled with my chosen lipstick names. It was placed in a plastic bag with a business card (red lip), advertisement card, and personalized lip card with my shade on it and the recipe on the back. I named my two lippies after my two kids:Bite 28.jpg


Here is the final result:Bite 30.jpg

I enjoyed my experience immensely and have to thank my dear friend Mary for giving me a 100$ gc to Bite Beauty Lab for Christmas. I would highly recommend this experience to those of you who would like to find the absolute perfect shade. The more expensive formulation (deluxe creme) is about the price of a Tom Ford, so probably not worth it unless you have a gc. The others are in the range of a Guerlain or Chanel, so for me, totally worth it, considering you are getting a perfect shade. I would swatch my lippies for you, but my lips are entirely exhausted from trying on so many shades. I hope this helps those of you nearby decide if you want to make the trip to Manhattan, and as for those of you who live far away, consider visiting (and making an appointment!) if you ever visit NYC!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Finally got around to making the trip to the Bite Lab. I truly enjoyed it. I found the lab ladies to be very friendly, chatty and open. I learned a few things while chatting with my lab girl. First, I learned how the LLR's are developed. Turns out she's part of the lab team that creates them. They come up with hundreds of swatches and send them to HQ and the [mostly trend-driven] decisions are made from there. I also learned that your custom formula is kept on file should you decide to re-purchase AND they're currently working on making this feature available online-possibly as soon as November. Right now they have online appointment scheduling available but it's still very new and buggy...I was the guinea pig. I scheduled online, got reminder emails & texts, showed up and they didn't have me listed. No matter, they still honored my appointment time. 


I had been dreaming of a lipstick that kinda reminds me of dark chocolate decadence. Something really dark and creamy, almost like frosting! These were my exact descriptions when I sat down with my lab girl. Turns out, she'd just had German chocolate cake recently so we were right in sync. Since people have already posted photos of what the process looks like I won't bother repeating. Plus I didn't even take many pics because I didn't wanna be all annoying and Instagram-y. I like being in the moment enjoying the experience instead of stopping and snapping everything. 


In the end what I came up with was the ultimate dark chocolate lipstick: 1/2 brown, 1/4 scarlet, 1/4 black. It's matte finish with a citrus mango & vanilla scent (no cocoa available :smileysad:). I applied the tester in store and it was really creamy because it was still wet but it dried down significantly once i got home like 1/2 hour later.  Couldn't find good lighting to get a clear enough read on the color but it's a really pure brown to the point where you don't really see red until it starts fading off. I'm super happy with it! Not sure where I'll be wearing it but at least now I have it in my arsenal. Next visit will be in December for my b-day and color inspiration is Italian eggplant :smileytongue:






Oh forgot to mention, you get a nice little lip treatment before trying your testers! Lip scrub followed by the agave lip mask. Totally got sold on the lip mask!! I don't even know why I hadn't owned it already LOL! 

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Gorgeous color! Thanks for telling us all about it. That was especially interesting learning about the LLR process, and the new online scheduling capabilities.


I really wish I could go..... I wish they would do pop-up shops again.

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

That colour is gorgeous on you *_*

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Look fabulous on you!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

That looks great on you! I really like itSmiley Happy

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC


Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

so wonderful!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Instead of creating my own thread I thought I'd post here! Typing on my phone so this will be short Smiley Happy


I made an appointment after my lunch reservation at the Laduree in Soho, and left hubby to wander the blocks while I was at the Lip Lab. The tech assigned to me wasn't very enthusiastic or friendly but I was there for the lipstick, not the service I guess!  


I had two colours made: one to enhance my natural lip colour as well as a purplish red. The tech got my lip colour in one try and I was very impressed. This is MY nude lip colour! It is a mix of 1/2 Pepper, 1/4 Rose and 1/4 Musk. I got the citrus mango scent for this, which is the same as their matte lip pencils. 


The second took a few trials and it wasn't what I had in mind but I opted for a more wearable purple vs a dark plummy purple which would probably end up looking too vamp to wear often. A few of them looked perfect on the sheet but completely off (typically too fuchsia or too red) when on my lips. Finally I decided on one that was the closest to what I have been looking for a long time, Guerlain Rouge G in Gigolo (which is probably long discontinued). It ended up being 1/4 Violet HPP, and 1/8 each of Mulberry, Tannin and Rhubarb. It is vanilla and violet scented. 


Here re they are, chilling:




My sheet when we were done. The purple I went with is the smallest square:




and swatches:




lip swatches. Excuse my gross greasiness. I just took these before cleansing my face and calling it a night!






My photos are not the most accurate for colour. The bathroom photos are taken in the apartment we're staying in and it has some intense fluorescent lighting!


I was worried that my custom purple would be too close to Barberry but luckily Barberry is noticeably more purple, brighter and cooler. Phew! Here is custom purple on the right and my backup Barberry, that I opened just to swatch beside the custom colour, on the left. 




So so while my experience wasn't the most amazing (with the tech) overall it was fun and worth it. I will enjoy the colours I created, since they will both be very wearable for me, especially the MLBB shade!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

This is total makeup p0rn and I can't stop looking at your pictures. Thank you so much for all of the pics and details. I feel like I was there with you. So fun! I hope the open one here in LA one day. I would love to do this!!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Interesting to hear about your experience.  Personally, I think having a cold tech would really turn me off.  For me it would be just as much about the experience as it would be about the lippie itself (just thinking this could be a fun idea for a bachelorette party if only I were in NY or if when I get engaged all my maids want to travel).  So it sounds like they mix existing shades together vs. starting 100% from scratch if I'm hearing you correctly.

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Yes, they mostly use pigments from their existing collection but there are also basic colours like blue and yellow and white. Some colours are named but I have never heard of them before. Like "Garnet", a bright pinky coral which is supposedly very close to Crush from the lip cream line. 

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

I had the same issue with the tech that helped me when I went last month. Maybe we had the same one. What you said about her being able to match the color of your lips rings true for me, too-- my tech got my natural lip shade spot-on, first try. Too bad she was so cold. Like you said, though, I was there for lipstick!


LOVE that berry color. Very unique. It seems most berries tend to lean vampy or violet, but you got that perfect midtone.


I ended up making a red-orange and a MLBB. The red-orange actually looks a lot like the photos I've seen on BT of Mimosa, which is a bit of a bummer, but hey.


 FullSizeRender (51).jpg


Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

I like the colors you made! I think that with so many colors in the lipstick world, it would be difficult to make something completely unique unless you go for a weird shade like...mustard yellow. Or puke green. 


We very well may have had the same tech! She wasn't unfriendly or rude but any effort on her part to be friendly just seemed really fake...every time I gushed about how much I love Bite's products, or tried to talk to her about the current line of products, it felt like I was a giddy teenager meeting an idol who is apathetic about the fans!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

That's EXACTLY what it was like we my tech. I tried to talk about BITE products, too. No go. Had to have been the same person...... unless all of them are that cold.

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Did her name happen to start with a P?

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Nice! I went this past April and made a raspberry and red color. I think when I go back in December I'll do a nude lip in the matte formula if it's like the matte from frozen berries and maple. 

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Beautiful shade choices! 

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

What an experience! This is on my makeup bucket list! 😀

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Very cool! Those were some great choices for your bespoke shades Smiley Happy

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

I now want to go back and have them make your custom purple for me!

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