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Bite Beauty Lab NYC

As requested, here is a mini documentary of my visit to Bite Beauty Lab! The store is located in Soho on Prince St. I arrived early and was able to score a custom color appointment easily; however, customers who arrived after me had to wait anywhere from 30 min to a couple of hours. I would recommend either calling ahead of time or coming early.

Bite 1.jpg


This is a view of the consultation area. You sit across from a MUA with a spread of colors between you, as well as a clean surface for mixing:

Bite 4.jpg


The lovely MUA (whose name I forget! I remember that she was from Senegal, that she wore MUD eyemakeup, and that she used to work for OCC, but for the life of me I can not remember her name!) introduced me to the four formulations: Luminous Creme, Matte Creme (?), Sheer Creme (?), and Creme Deluxe. The Luminous Creme is like the Luminous Creme lippies that they sell: satin finish, hydrating. The Matte Creme is supposed to have silica powder which makes it longer lasting. The Sheer Creme is sheer and hydrating, probably like the sheer lippies in their regular line. The Creme Deluxe has more antioxidants and is long lasting due to inclusion of Japanese silk and is therefore more expensive at 48$. The prior 3 are 36$. I decided to get a Creme Deluxe in a classic blue based red and a Luminous Creme in a pinky-peach my-lips-but-better shade. The MUA started mixing shades using a spatula on a clear surface:

Bite 6.jpg


The first mixture was too bold, the second too purple, and the third was just right. For good measure, I tried a fourth, but settled on the third. With each concoction, the MUA wrote down the proportions of the different ingredients:

Bite 8.jpg


After settling on both shades, I was asked to choose a scent. There was a scent station with cherry, wildberry, mint, vanilla, mango, citrus mango, and violet scented lipstick bases. I settled on citrus mango:

Bite 9.jpg


My MUA then pulled all the pigments for my lippies from a wall full of pigments in bon-bon sizes and shapes:

Bite 13.jpg


She then put them in a cup and added the appropriate lipstick base formulation as well as several drops of the scent I had chosen:

Bite 16.jpg


After melting the concoction in the microwave, she put the mixture in a centrifuge:

Bite 17.jpg


She then tested the shade against the shade we had mixed together at the consultation area. One of the shades was slightly off so she added additional pigment and then remelted/centrifuged:Bite 18.jpg


Once the shades were perfect, she poured them into lipstick molds:Bite 19.jpg


The lipstick molds were set on a cool surface and allowed to solidify. Afterward, she released them from the mold:Bite 21.jpg


Bite 23.jpg


She then got an empty housing and placed it carefully over the unmolded lippie:Bite 24.jpg


Then the lipstick was lidded and boxed:

Bite 25.jpg


The lipstick was placed in a box and labelled with my chosen lipstick names. It was placed in a plastic bag with a business card (red lip), advertisement card, and personalized lip card with my shade on it and the recipe on the back. I named my two lippies after my two kids:Bite 28.jpg


Here is the final result:Bite 30.jpg

I enjoyed my experience immensely and have to thank my dear friend Mary for giving me a 100$ gc to Bite Beauty Lab for Christmas. I would highly recommend this experience to those of you who would like to find the absolute perfect shade. The more expensive formulation (deluxe creme) is about the price of a Tom Ford, so probably not worth it unless you have a gc. The others are in the range of a Guerlain or Chanel, so for me, totally worth it, considering you are getting a perfect shade. I would swatch my lippies for you, but my lips are entirely exhausted from trying on so many shades. I hope this helps those of you nearby decide if you want to make the trip to Manhattan, and as for those of you who live far away, consider visiting (and making an appointment!) if you ever visit NYC!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

I wish this store was available in Canada. They are a canadian company, after all.

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

I was inspired by this thread to make my own visit to the Bite Beauty Lab when I visited New York … in April. But better late than never, and since I had a slightly different experience than ghkim, I decided to post my own photos and review. Since her pictures are so similar to most of mine (except hers are better quality), I've tried to keep my own photos to a minimum.


For reference, here's the lipstick I created next to Bite's High Pigment Pencil in Zinfandel. My lipstick ended up being 75% Zinfandel, 25% yellow. While I can't see a color difference between the two, the real difference is in the finish. My custom lipstick is a true matte finish instead of the matte-creams that Bite normally sells. Also, I find applying the lipstick to be much easier than the pencil. I chose the citrus scent, as it's so unusual for a lip product. Eight months on, the scent is still there.




Bite's website was unclear about how to make an appointment. In fact, it's walk-in only; you can't make a real reservation. However, you can add your name to the waiting list. When I called in the morning, they said there were seven people ahead of me and gave me an estimate of when they'd be ready for us. They took my name and said they'd call when they were ready, and we'd have 15–20 minutes to make it to the shop. This worked out for us, since we were going to be in the neighborhood anyway, but it could be a hassle for others trying to get in. Also, several people stopped by during our appointment to try and get in. I think they took a few names but turned away the later ones, as they were fully booked.






It looks like a candy shop. And theoretically, since they use food-grade ingredients, you could munch on a ball of lipstick pigment ...




(Super blurry, but you get the idea.) The shop is very narrow but goes back a good amount. There are two stations to create a custom lipstick (I treated my friend, Molly, whom I was visiting), and the back of the shop has regular Bite products for sale. Some people came in just to buy the regular products. Something that was fairly annoying is that they wouldn't let us use their bathroom … I just spent a pretty penny on lipstick; we're not random people off the street.






Our lipstick concoctions. Since I was familiar with the brand, and I already had the Zinfandel pencil, I went in knowing what I wanted. However, Molly wasn't as sure, and she said she wishes her lipstick technician had given her a bit more guidance. I told my tech, Brooklyn (I'm 80% positive that's a nom de lipstick), that I had Zinfandel and liked the color but wished it had a matte finish. He basically created a matte Zinfandel lipstick, which I'm very happy with. However, Molly knew she wanted a red, but her tech ended up having to create three colors until she found one she liked. However, both techs were polite throughout the whole process. We were there about 45 minutes and never felt rushed.




Brooklyn carefully removing my lipstick. I asked why they made two, and he said it's in case one is damaged in the process. I asked what happens to the other one if the first isn't damaged (since they put both of them in tubes) but didn't get an answer … does that mean the techs sneak out with pockets full of custom lipsticks? Smiley Wink



The techs create a little doodle with your custom color. The unfortunate thing about mine was that Brooklyn didn't put it in a plastic envelope like Molly's tech did, so mine got smudged. Molly gave me a baggie to store my card in instead, but it's not in good enough condition to display. I also wish that he'd written down the formula for my lipstick like Molly's tech did. Luckily, he told me, so if I'm ever back at the lab and I've run out of my original, they can make me another.




The finished product. The lipsticks were $36 each. You can see that my card smudged and now I have lipstick on my teeth—that hit a bit close to home. They put each lipstick in a box, but didn't give us the option to name them like ghkim got to. Well my name's Liz, so I declare this lipstick Lizstick.




An amazingly unflattering photo of me shortly after we left the lab. Yikes, I promise I've gotten that undereye situation under control since then. Sephora bills Zinfandel as an "electric coral," which in regular English is "bright orange-red."


Thank you, ghkim, for writing about your experience, which encouraged me to visit the Bite Beauty Lab myself. I'd definitely recommend it, just make sure you research a bit before you go so you don't get overwhelmed by the options, and make sure your tech encloses your card in plastic!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

how fun and cool is that!? Thanks so much for sharing!! too bad I am in Nebraska....

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

This is amazing, I so want to do it!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

this would be even cooler if they engraved the name you came up with onto the case.  They make laser engravers that can do this!  This would allow you to either choose a computer font or write your name on a piece of paper and then have that written on the tube! like if you wanted to name it after yourself you could write your signature and then have that engraved! that would be super cool!  I just remember doing this at the baseball hall of fame when i was little. i put my signature on a bat (: hahahaha

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

I am not even that into actual lipstick (I'm more a tinted lip balm, or stain girl) but this makes me really want to go there! that sounds like an awesome time! I want to do this with eyeshadow!! ahhh!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

I had no idea something like this existed. I'm so out of the loop. lol Thanks for the sharing! I would love to do this one day. 

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

That is sooo cool! I really want to do this! Thanks so much for sharing! Smiley Happy

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

This is now on my bucket list

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

That looks like so much fun and seems like something to put on my to do list if I'm ever in the area.

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Whoa that is so fun!  My friend went there and said it was amazing!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Was just drooling over all the gorgeous pics again and thought I might as well bump up this post! Smiley Happy

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Is it acceptable to make a trip to the city just for this experience (and some Shake Shack of course)?  This is probably the most comprehensive documentation of an experience at the lip lab that I have ever seen - so THANK YOU now I need to go catch a train.

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

I had a dream the other night about this place - thanks to this post, I'm sure. I dreamed that I made seven reds and seven plums and seven nudes/pinks and swore off buying lipstick forever. 

Now I have to go to NYC again, which I swore I didn't want to do. Smiley Tongue 

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Don't know how I missed this post when it first when up but

I. Am. SO. Jealous!!


Thank you so much for posting all the photos and description of your experience!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

*just stopping back by to say this is the best post of 2013 in my opinion (at least since I joined BT!) -- it was awesome of you to share/document this... and I am going to make an appt at Bite Lab when I go to NYC this summer for my friend's wedding.  Thanks again!

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Thanks so much! You are going to love it. And if you have trouble contacting them by phone try email - they are much more responsive that way. 

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Oh that is so awesome!!!! I

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

Thank you for posting and we can live vicariously through you! It looks like you had a ton of fun and it seems like an amazing experience. Maybe they will open more of these in major cities and someday I will be able to go.  

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

i am so going!!! 

Re: Bite Beauty Lab NYC

JoshCollierMUA posted a video documenting the entire experience for anyone who wants to see more about it. ghkim's review is very thorough gives just as much information as the video, but ti was cool to see it!!