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Best lipstick packaging??

I'm a lover of beautiful packaging, as well as lipstick, and had been wondering if there are any other good lipsticks out there that also have cool packaging that I could be overlooking. I have two lipsticks that have great packaging: Givenchy's Le Rouge and Chanel Rouge Allure. I'm also eyeing Too Faced's La Creme. Additionally, Tarte's packaging for the Amazonian Lip Butter and the Glamazon lipsticks are so cute -- yet none of the colors are drawing me in. Furthermore, I'm so sad that I was unaware of Guerlain's Rouge G Voilette de Madame collection as that is some seriously pretty packaging. Any other suggestions??


upload_1461110368641981198.jpgPhoto from Temptalia

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

For lovers of chic minimalism, may I present the new Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipsticks. The case has a magnetic close, a bit of heft, navy blue case. The lipstick's really good too! Smiley Happy



Re: Best lipstick packaging??

Oh, I love this case! Navy blue and gold! 

Re: Best lipstick packaging??


I will forever love my discontinued Mugler lipsticks (sob!) but at least the empty cases will always be beautiful! 

image.jpgAerin lipsticks are no slouches in terms of their packaging either, so hefty, so shiny!

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

I love the sculpted bullet of the Thierry Mugler lipstick - it's definitely a unique look!  

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

I have always liked the way the KVD "PAINTED LOVE " Lipstick packaging looks andfor some reason I am always drawn to the Sleek, Silver Full Bodied BUXOME lipstick looks.

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

Miss Kat Von D is relaunching her lipstick line in the summer. & i can't wait. 



So yeah.... I think she wins. 

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

Yup! This is the packaging chosen:



Re: Best lipstick packaging??

WOW, I don't own any of her products yet, but this is definitely making me want to try them! Beautiful packaging!

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

Someone needs some shopping to do!




tattoo liner in trooper

monarch palette 

sinner perfume 

painted love Lipstick in Lovecraft 

everlasting love liquid lipstick in Underage Red

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

Clearly I need all of this next time I make a Sephora run. I'll get at least the tattoo liner and some lippies. Won't be til sometime in May, though... but it's coming soon. Someday I will try one of her eyeshadow palettes because I hear nothing but amazing things about her shadows!

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

LOVE KVDs tattoo liner. Definitely prefer the brush to a felt tip, hands down.

I just picked up the sinner perfume at Marshall's on the weekend (after making sure it wasn't fake or expired) and oh man it's lovely! Reminds me of Nest Midnight Fleur, bot more delicious. 

And I'm a fan of her everlasting liquid lipsticks, but they can be a tad streaky. A lip brush or second coat fix this easily enough though!

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

I love the colors and staying power of the liquid lipsticks, but when I tried it in-store it seemed pretty drying. Also, it totally wouldn't come off at all - both a good and a bad thing! But I definitely have KVD's tattoo liner on my to-buy list, so that's next when I run out of liquid liner. I also prefer a brush to a felt tip... I feel like felt tips dry out more quickly.


Also omg I love Midnight Fleur so now I have to check out the Sinner perfume!!!

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

Yes, her liquid lipstick is drying, but its also light, so it's not too bad. And because it literally is so hard to get off, you can put a clear balm over top once it sets and it feels fine.


I dab it on with the felt tip then use a lip brush to smooth it out Smiley Happy


Her eyeshadow palettes are good quality. I own Esperanza and Ladybird. They're a little powdery, but I like the colours, pigment and staying power.


OMG! If you love Midnight Fleur, you MUST get sinner!! It's like its twin sister that grew up together then went separate ways... very similar, but at the same time, different undertones. It's more of a dark, delicious smell. 

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

I might be biased, but I love Burberry packaging 

I'm not a lipstick collector, so it needs to look very chic and just great coming out of the purse 


I also like VDL's lipsticks. they're square so its easy to use on the corners 


Re: Best lipstick packaging??

YES to Burberry!  So chic!

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

ARMANI! Simple, sleek, but oh so elegant. I honestly love their packaging because even though it's simple it looks so classy. PC: thebeautylookbookArmani Summer 2013 BeautyLookBook Picks.jpg

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

I agree with lots of these, I like Guerlain, Givenchy, Dior packaging. But one I haven't seen is Clarins. They do such nice, sleek, gold packaging. Also the packaging of LE products is usually so pretty! upload_2227593935860888407.jpg

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

Hi Tessie84,


I really like the KVD Foil Lipstick packaging. I can always find it, since it stand out against the other lipstick containers that I have.



<3 Melissa

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

For me, I prefer a lipstick that is SECURE! I love the Fresh lipbalm screw lids! keeps everything secure. (but the formula of the balm is a different story)

Re: Best lipstick packaging??

I agree on both accounts! I used to love their formula and then they changed it a year ago...then not so much.

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