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Best Nude Lipstick/Lipgloss for my complexion



I never wear anything on my lips so i could use some suggestions of brands/shades of lipstick/ lip gloss to wear that go well with my complexion, my skin is between fair and medium... thanks!! 311898_10152467749645506_1377798001_n.jpg

Re: Best Nude Lipstick/Lipgloss for my complexion

I love nudes with a bit of pink in them -- I think it can make them more wearable (whereas true "nudes" can make me look washed out sometimes). I really like NARS Crusing -- it's a nude pink color that achieves the barely-there nude effect, but it's not so pigmented that it looks unnatural.


If you want to add a nude gloss (either on its own or on top of a lipstick), I love Bite Lip Shine in Prosecco. It's definitely nude, but glossy and sheer. (They smell a bit medicinal, so if you're sensitive to fragrance in glosses, you might want to test it in a store first.)


Re: Best Nude Lipstick/Lipgloss for my complexion

Also try Bobbi Brown's Lip colors in Sandwash Pink and Italian Rose. Also wanted to add YSL lipstain in #19 and YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #1  Gorgeous colors and perfect nudes!

Re: Best Nude Lipstick/Lipgloss for my complexion

When you state you want a nude lipstick, are you indeed after a lipstick with a "nude", flesh tone shade or a "nude", natural to your own lip color shade?


If it's a genuine flesh toned lipstick that you want, try to find a creamy, opaque formula that will block out any undertones of your own natural lip color from coming through such as MUFE's Rouge Artist Intense line in shades like 1, 2, 22, and 23.


If you're looking for a natural, true to your own lip color shade, pucker your lips and match a product to the color on the inner portion of your mouth/lips. This will give you the most natural gauge for the most realistic color to go with. Laura Mericer and Lorac's Break Through Performance line offer a great range in nude toned pinks and roses.

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