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Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

Hey everyone,


So I have been currently doing a total revamp of my makeup bag. Tossing quite a lot of makeup that I have had for too long. That also included by 80 + lipsticks as well !.


I had currently bought the Maybelline Superstay 14 HR lipstick and wasn't left with a very good impression. It lacked the longevity it's supposed to have. It felt tacky/sticky and came off more then it stayed put !. 


So I would like to know..


1.) What are THE BEST long wearing lipsticks/lip glosses drugstore to high end that you've personally used and liked.

2.) How was the longevity of the product 

3.) Did you have issued with it being sticky/tacky, drying/cracking or fading quickly

4.) Does that brand have a large selection of shades 

5.) What are some tips for having lipstick/lip gloss last without a lot of transfer 


Thanks in advance !

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

Nars pure matte is the best long wearing lipstick, its creamy in texture with a matte finish, i noticed that when i pressed my lips together it was as if i reapplied. and it doesn't dry or flake like matte lipsticks in the past. i Heart it!

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

My faves are the makeup forever, sephoras long lasting lip colour and the kat von d ones.


I have literally tried all the drugstore brands i could find that were long lasting.. and none of them lasted.

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

I agree with the others YSL hands down!Heart

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

i think Stila longwear lasts even longer than YSL!

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

YSL Glossy Stains HANDS DOWN! They seriously last so long, I absolutely love mine to pieces

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

My pick would be the YSL Glossy Stains. I have #15 Rose Vinyl. theramenlover pretty much summed up everything I like about the product. I'm a Chapstick addict, but I don't even feel tempted to put my Chapstick on while I wear this because it's moisturizing. There are tons of shades.

As for avoiding transfer, I've had the best luck by setting the stain with a powder.

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss



1. Have you considered trying lip stains? I personally adore the YSL Glossy Stains and find that they last very well. They're glossy, as the name suggests, so if you'd like to build up the color you have to wait a few seconds to let that first layer set before applying another layer! My second favorite are the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. I find they last quite a while on me as well. 


2. Realistically speaking, I'm not sure how long you are aiming to have your lipsticks last. Are you looking for something that'll put you through a 14hr day like the Maybelline one you tried or something more like 4-5 hours? The NARS last me about 3-4 hours even if I eat and the YSL definitely last a good 5-6 hours. 


3. No issue with any of the things you listed. In the morning after I wash my face, I always apply a layer of lip balm to prep my lips so anything I put on later on, whether it's a matte lip pencil or a stain, my lips are moisturized. 


4. Both YSL and NARS have endless amounts of shades.


5. I'm not quite sure what you do at the moment in terms of applying lipstick but like malday mentioned before me, layering your lip products definitely works better. I apply a lip balm, then for my first layer of lip product, if it's not a stain/gloss, I always rub it into my lips with my finger. Mainly it's to sheer the first layer out a bit but it's also to ensure that the lip color adheres to my lips because I have pigmented lips. I then blot with a tissue or I'll wait a little bit before I apply another layer straight on - no blotting/rubbing whatsoever. 


If you're looking for something that'll really last you forever and ever and ever, the MUFE Aqua Rouge line is fantastic for that. I've personally tried it and liked it but I had issues taking it off my lips xD 



Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

I agree, MUTE Aqua Rouge really lasts.  I wear it alone with the gloss and sometimes I use it as a base and then add another lipstick on top,   So if my top layer is eaten off or faded, I still have some lip color underneath.

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

1. My favorite lipstick so far is the Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil. I got it in "Velvet"


2. My lipsticks normally last about an hour or two, so this one surviving about five hours was really impressive for me. 

3. I did not have any issues of stickyness or dryness, but I also always exfoliate and wear a lip balm under my lipstick. 

4. Bite does not offer too many products, but the ones that they do have are available in a big variety of colors. 

5. Try using a lip primer or lip liner. If you're using lip liner, line and then also fill your lips in with it and then apply your lipstick on top. 


I'm not really a lip gloss kind of person (I have yet to try one that doesn't feel sticky and uncomfortable) and I haven't tried any drugstore lipsticks. 

Re: Best LONG WEARING lipstick/lip gloss

I believe that almost any lipstick can be long wearing with the right application. Exfoliating your lips is the first step, after that moisturize. Let your balm soak in for a good amount of time and then blot off any excess. After that use a lip liner to help your lipstick really adhere. Apply your lipstick, then blot, then reapply. That should make any lipstick last for a long time.


Personally I really like Urban Decay's lipsticks and have heard good things about Bare Escentuals Marvelous Moxie lipsticks. I can't really say I've tried any drug store brands. I also use a lot of MAC lipsticks but their formulas are hit or miss.

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