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Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

A few years ago I was playing with my puppy and well by mistake her sharp puppy teeth cut my lip and I have a small but noticeable scar on my top lip. Heard of Mederma scar products but worried about ingestion because where I'd be placing the product.

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

I have used mederma - it works to an extent, but doesn't get rid of scars completely. There is a way a dermatologist can do it but it is very expensive.

idk, ask your doctor but in my opinion,considering the amount that you will be putting on your lip, i doubt ingestion is such an issue.

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

Mederma relies onion extract as an anti-inflammatory to minimize the appearance and overall physical nature of scarring. I do find several sites and forums where people state they have safely used Mederma on their lips and had no reactions but no concrete finding on Mederma's site itself. You might contact their customer support to see if you can get a clear answer.


Scar treatments like Mederma have probability of actual effectiveness depending on the type of scar you have and also how your body metabolizes the active ingredients used in topical treatments.


You can look into using a lip scrub like ones from Fresh, Bite, Tarte, and Bliss to help constantly exfoliate topical portions of dry skin, which can build up and emphasize the scar site as well as work with your natural production of skin cells to gradually boost the scar tissue more to the surface. Physical exfoliants tackle mainly the layers at the surface rather than work on a cellular level, so following with a lip balm that is rich in vitamin C can help as vitamin C is a gentle ingredient that is used to even out skin tone as well as brighten and fade discoloration. Though vitamin E is normally associated with scar treatments as well; however, there are studies involving scars where too much vitamin E can lead to inflammation of the skin and areas. New botanical based oils like argan and borage oil are packed with fatty acids and act as anti-inflammatories.


Hourglass' No 28  Lip Treatment is rich in vitamin C, borage oil, fruit oils (also help to brighten and fade), peptides (which will help to increase and even out the volume of your lips), as well as a slew of conditioning and rejuevenating ingredients.


I would also advise using a lip balm with SPF in the day to not just protect your lips in general from UV damage, but also as added protection for the scar tissue which will only worsen and become more apparent if prolonged to UV rays. Lavanilla has one with SPF 30 and also licorice extract which is another brightening agent and Anthony Logistics' lip balms are rich in resveratrol, an anti-aging and repairative ingredient that is also an anti-inflammatory and also has the ability to support healthy collagen production in skin, they are also fortified with SPF 25 (my fave is the blood orange scent).

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

Wow, thank you sooo much Lylysa! You are such a wealth of information! VERY helpful as always! Will read that a couple of times, holy cow!


Thanks to dianabt and onomotopoeia9 as well! Already use Fresh Sugar Lip Balms, Josie and other brands as well. Not in love with the Fresh Lip Scrub but want to finish it before I get a new jar of another brand.


Thanks for letting me know about the scar treatment too!

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

I'm glad I could help! Best of luck, though I can't give a definite answer on what product will work 100% across the board in ridding the appearance of your scar, the products should help over a course of time to minimize the appearance and improve the overall texture of your lips.

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

Hi AmyC, 


My sister had a scar on her lip from being in a car accident- Her doctors advised her to use a lip scrub/polish to exfoliate and remove the buildup that was occurring and to keep her lips smooth and from "bubbling" up as some scars tend to do. She also follows up with a lip balm with spf for daily hydration.


Definitely look into some gentle lip products/scrubs like those by Fresh, Bite or Josie Maran and some fun spf protecting lip balms like Jack Black, LaVanila and Fresh. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

Ya I think this is a really smart way to do it: exfoliate and hydrate.

I have a scar on my nose from the last time I broke it and it's becoming less and less visible, I think purely because I exfoliate a lot, and keep my nose super hydrated (cream during the day, cream and oil on my nose at night).

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

Oh, and Vaseline. I don't know why, but it's amazing for dry spots. I've been using it on the tip of my nose at night where I tend to peel and get burnt, and I've had noooo problems since I started doing that!

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

Extremely helpful! I have a dry spot at the corner of my nose that ALWAYS peels.

Re: Anyway to treat scar ON lip?

In emergencies (especially during winter) I'll add a touch of lip balm to the sides of my nose (also if my nose is chapped from being too runny and tissues have destroyed the skin there) as a protective barrier since I don't always have a product like Aquaphor handy. This also works for silicone/dimethicone based primers too (I believe Beautytester also uses this trick) to add a protective/thicker barrier on dry spots.

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