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A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

Photo 10.jpgHey guys! I have fair skin but quite pigmented lips. I love wearing bold red and berry lipsticks but I don't have a lot of "natural" options. I know I could cancel out my own color and use a regular nude lipstick but when I do I just look like a zombie Smiley Sad Not cool! Instead I would like to find some medium-pink lipsticks that are closer to my natural lip color. Any ideas??

Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

My new faves for nude/natural, though, is Giorgio Armani's Rouge Ecstasy in 202 - Milano

For a little more color but still natural - 306 Amber



Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?


Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

I have the same problem, I just can't do nudes!  This summer I went on a search for a "my lips but better" lipstick and came up with Bite in Pepper and UD Revolution in Protest.  Another one I haven't purchased yet is Too Faced La Creme in Spice Spice Baby.




Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick in Pepper



UD Revolution in Protest (from temptalia)swfupload_8470241124986557179.jpgUD Revolution in Protest (from temptalia)







Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

Those are AWESOME colors. You know exactly what I am talking about <3


Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

That swatch of Spice Spice Baby is really pretty, drrragon! I've never given Too Faced lipsticks a thought before. I don't have a very "nude nude" if that makes sense, because my lips are also on the pigmented side. I'll have to give that a closer look Smiley Happy

Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

I absolutely love the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks! Would highly recommend Smiley Happy Spice Spice Baby is one of my favorites!

Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

Also, if you want to experiment with the La Creme lipsticks, there is a new set that has Spice Spice Baby and Naked Dolly for $34 (plus two other items- an awesome deal!)



Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

aw man I reaaaaally want that set (esp since it comes with lip liner) but I know for sure Naked Dolly is too light for me.  


hey crazyzeeRN, check out Ulta, they have a new Cargo kit with a full size Yukon and a mini blush!  I'm so tempted by that even though I already have Yukon!

Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

Oooooohh! Darn shame I already have Bali though... although it is one of my favorite blushes, so I could always use a backup, right? *wink*


I won't protest the lipstick that comes with it either Smiley Wink

Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

I've never tried Cargo lippies (but I like their gloss tins) but that one does look like a great everyday color!  And a full-size Bali is a totally different item than an adorable mini-size Bali! Smiley Very Happy

Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

#enabling <3 Smiley Very Happy

Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

Yeah nude nudes just make me look zombie-ish!  Can't do them at all.  I remember swatching Spice Spice Baby and Cinnamon Kiss in store and not being able to see much difference, but this swatch photo really shows off the different shades.  I think I must now add Cinnamon Kiss to my loves list too. Smiley Happy  

Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

LOVE Cinnamon works on my lips (purply-pinkish-brown) - see below my natural lip (ooo..chapped too...oops)


Re: A "nude" lipstick for pigmented lips?

If you have problems with your pigmented lips, use Mac's Lip Erase before you apply lipstick. It will make your lips flesh toned, which will help your lipstick stay more true to color. That way, you'll be able to wear your nudes and pinks as you please Smiley Happy

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