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3 day lip fix

I used to play oboe, for which you press you lips together and suck them in your mouth around your reed. I had very chap lips 3 days before a concert once, and I knew i couldnt play like that. And so began the 3 day lip fix.


I live in cold weather. I know, it could get colder, but waiting 15 minutes for a bus in single digit weather is hard on lips and skin. I do exfoiliate once a week all other times of the year, but to get my lips to normal in three days what i did/do was/is


1. Keep chapstik with you 24/7 apply it every waking hour, on the hour.

2. Exfoiliate EVERY night. No joke

3. drink 10 glasses of water a day.


it seems extreme, but every winter, my lips get horrible, and all it takes is three days of this and they're fixed for the rest of the winter. Weird, right?


so tomorrow I'm starting, I usually do it on weekends so if i dont have a mirror, no one will think I'm crazy if I accidently smear lip balm on my face(I refuse to use unflavored). So yeah, just wanted to share.


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: 3 day lip fix

I too like the Sugar Lip Treatments for this purpose, but want to use them sparingly so I don't run out so quickly!  I just tried a non-Sephora product that is working great for me.  Neosporin has a new overnight balm that is thick and creamy and seriously works wonders.  I had severely chapped lips and put it on before bed and when I woke up, they were like new! I have been using my other balms and the Sugar Lip Treatments throughout the day to retain the moisture, but this overnight treatment from Neosporin really works great for me.  I make sure to put it on every night before bed now!

Re: 3 day lip fix

I don't play an instrument but my lips do get really chapped in the wintertime. Today at school I was applying Sephora lipgloss (light pink) between classes in the hall and my lips are feeling normal or better than usual. The Sephora lipgloss is one that came in the free birthday gift a year or so ago. It is really small and fits in my pocket so I can just whip it out quickly!Smiley Very Happy

Re: 3 day lip fix

Thx sooooo much! i was looking for something! i have that problem too!

Re: 3 day lip fix

What a great post! My lips are almost always dry since I live in a desert. What do you exfoliate yours with?


I tried the pink tube of Philosophy's Kiss Me exfoliant but it didn't work so well. It was great as a gloss though!

Re: 3 day lip fix

lowrah wrote:

What a great post! My lips are almost always dry since I live in a desert. What do you exfoliate yours with?

I actually make my own using sugar and honey and/or strawberries that are all mashed up. You make it into a paste, not too liquidy, and then I freeze it so it's stiffer, but you can use it immediatly too.

I also know that alot of people like the fresh sugar scrubs, or other things found at sephora.


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: 3 day lip fix

Thanks for posting this berniebeauty! I agree that in the winter my lips get extremely chapped and it's crucial to carry a lip balm and drink lots of water for hydration. I'm with you on having flavored anything. I love the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF25.




Also, I recently tried the Philosophy Lip Shines and I'm amazed at how long it stays on and also how glossy it is. Aboslutely in love with both the Jack Black and Philosophy.





Re: 3 day lip fix

Also, thick lip glosses that sits on top of your lips during the day to prevent wind chapped lips, it's like a little coat for your lips and a must for me in the winter (the only time I find it acceptable).

As for lip balms, I got itchy and peeling lips this winter and nothing helps except: fresh sugar lip balm, Lypsyl original, and Jack Black. Chapstick/Softlips/EOS/Nivea might as well be nothing.

Re: 3 day lip fix

Hi berniebeauty!


Great tips you have there! I used to play the flute for about 6 years.. I remember how horrible dry and irritated my lips would get playing all day long! Smiley Happy


The weather in San Francisco has been SO incredibly dry and flat and I've had terrible dry lips and mouth.  I have been switching around EVERYTHING to find a great lip treatment. I love my Sugar lip treatments but don't want to use them so quickly! Increasing the water intake is not only good for the skin but also good for your insides and digestion.  I love my Rosebud Salve and also (as a night treatment) my Fresh Sugar Lip or Korres Lip Butters. 


Rosebud Salve Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15Lip Butter

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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