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Something magical about Asian sunscreens (post your recommendations!)

I'm now on 3 for 3 success using sunscreens by Asian American founded brands (so using only US sunscreen filters). I had such bad reactions to 3 chemical sunscreens by non-Asian founded US brands this year and something in them just made me have such severe allergic reactions I felt pain breathing on top of my eyelids swelling - so I knew to wash them off immediately rather than sit it out and wait.
So I was worried that my journey of finding out I am allergic to lavender and "essential oil-based fragrance"  had ended up at me being completely intolerant of all non- zinc oxide based sunscreens, including ones I ordered from Korea and Japan.
I had already bought Naturium and Krave Beauty sunscreens (organic/ chemical filter based) and the Tower 28 sunscreen foundation (inorganic/ zinc oxide based) to use this summer months ago so, wasn't prepared for my body to seemingly reject all organic sunscreens - seemingly out of nowhere.
But there is genuine magic in the Asian founded brands' touch! 
I can confirm that both the chemical sunscreens mentioned above work so beautifully without issue on very sensitive dry skin. So maybe if you've been scared off by chemical sunscreens made in the US like me, give Asian founded brands' sunscreens a go - it might help you find an elegant non white cast sunscreen that does triple duty of being a moisturizer and makeup primer layer too.

 - Thanks for reading -

> Would love to know any other Asian founded US skincare brands that sell SPFs as well to share the wealth and hopefully help more people find safe sunscreens in the US!

Re: Something magical about Asian sunscreens (post your recommendations!)

Hi @CattyT3! Sadly, mineral sunscreen is the way to go for those of us “blessed” with sensitive skin. Currently, I’m using COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream. Not available at Sephora but it’s a popular brand in Korea, so you should be able to find it at your local Asian beauty shop if there’s one near you. It’s very light, no greasy at all, doesn’t sting or irritate my skin. It does have a hint of white cast, but it goes away if you spend a bit of time to work in the sunscreen into your skin. And it’s nothing like the stereotypical drugstore sunscreen’s white cast. 

Re: Something magical about Asian sunscreens (post your recommendations!)

The COSRX one is now a family favorite in my household - glad it's a fully chemical sunscreen that works for multiple family members. But seems to always be sold out when I want to try ordering it from the US website or other authorized US sellers. 
I have to rely on ordering online where I am unfortunately, and I know a lot of people don't/ can't order international items to their US addresses, don't want to wait ages for deliveries, or possibly they may want the Asian sunscreen experience but only want to rely on the UV filters approved for US manufacturing. Plenty of reasons I've heard from people they just want to stick to buying US operated brands for sunscreens.
So that's why I am just hoping to collect up some American-Asian founded brands that operate out of the US for sunscreen recommendations : )

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