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Oily/Dry combo SkinCare Routine

I’ve always been so overwhelmed by the choices of great K products. I just wanted to narrow it down and see some recommendations from you guys. I wanna know what brands, or skin care routines you use daily to keep your skin plump, and healthy.

Re: Oily/Dry combo SkinCare Routine

I recommend checking out any K-beauty brands (or J-beauty brands) that specifically have hyaluronic in it. They have sheet masks (Tony Moly, Etude House, Face Shop, Missha, etc) that tailor towards dry skin (they sell a variety of kinds but you'll want to stick to moisturizing), moisturizing cleansers and essences/serums too.


My go-to brands are Etude House (they have non-stripping/drying toners that moisturize, check out the kinds they have, it'll list the skin care concerns) and Laneige (don't buy from Sephora, it's almost double the price!). Laneige has a water bank line (love the entire line and it's so hydrating and non-greasy!) and their water bank essence (it's a serum) is an HG product for me. They have a lip mask (another HG and any night I use it, regardless of how chapped my lips are, I wake up with plump and soft lips) and a water bank sleeping mask/pack. Make sure to use a good amount of either product and try to use the sleeping mask an hour or two before bed (or sleep on your back) so none of the product smears on your pillow. 


They also have sleeping packs/masks from other brands that tailor towards dry skin. Give a look at Cosrx Snail 96 mucin that repairs and hydrates, any honey sleeping pack/masks too. I get a ton of my products from eBay (make sure to check the listings to see that its brand names and the origin where the products are made to make sure they are not knockoffs) and Yesstyle. It's so overwhelming, I know but search for products specifically made for dry skin, instead of looking for brands (there are just too many brands and it can definitely overwhelm). All of those items I listed above are suitable for oily skin too. I have an oily t-zone and dry cheeks and they work really well for me. They don't make me break out or produce more oil. Also, check out masks that have green tea in them since they'll balance your skin! 


My routine: A.M: double cleanse (oil cleanser, cleanser), tonerserum/essences, eye cream, moisturizer/gel cream.

P.M: double cleanse, toner, (optional: sheet mask. If using, you can skip serum as it doubles as one too), eye cream, moisturizer. OR, skip moisturizer and use a sleeping pack. 


Hope all of this helps. 


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