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Lip Mask

Would love to hear about your experience with K Beauty lip masks.

Re: Lip Mask

@tinypetite I also love and use LANEIGE - Lip Sleeping Mask and LANEIGE - Lip Glowy Balm


sometimes i even use the lip mask as a daily balm because it looks so glossy and makes my lips more plump and hydrated. 

RE: Lip Mask

The LANEIGE lip sleeping masks is to die for. I honestly love it. It makes your lips nice and hydrated by the morning. I’ve also use a couple of the sheet lip masks. They are nice and the do hydrate but the don’t provide the same effect as the lip sleeping mask. They are fun to use for relaxation or if you don’t have a lot of time. I would still recommend using a really good chapstick or lip moisturizer over the sheet lip masks though.

Re: Lip Mask


I use the LANEIGE - Lip Sleeping Mask

every night before bed to keep my lips moisturized throughout the night and into the morning. I tend to wear liquid lipsticks everyday which can be pretty drying so I have to balance it out with a good lip mask to avoid getting crusty lips. I also have the LANEIGE - Lip Glowy Balm - Pear

that I keep in my work bag to apply every once in a while if I feel my lips are getting dried out throughout the day. Overall, two great products I suggest you should invest in if you’re looking for hydrating lip products 👌🏻

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