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K Beauty Anti Aging

Hello fellow k beauty friends, 


This title may seem odd since k beauty’s are hopefully follow a skincare regime to prevent anti aging but some of us would still like some tips.


Do you have recommendations for sun spots and light wrinkles? Products or treatments ? 


Re: K Beauty Anti Aging

I use the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng retinal eye cream - I use it to help my skin texture and just improve the quality of my skin overall. It's actually a gel like texture, it feels like a serum really. I don't use it for anti-aging, but it's meant to be an added bonus to using retinaldehyde - plenty of dermatologists online have praised this product and use it themselves.

I am planning to try out the Naturium retinaldehyde products as I do want to see if going to a higher concentration in their formula benefits me as I like a lot of their skincare products.
Look at videos about the different retinoid actives available for topical use and see what you want to try out, and what you may want to use in conjunction with your chosen retinoid too. Look at videos by cosmetic chemists and dermatologists only - way too many people who don't know the science or can't communicate the research data keep posting so much misinformation that lead me astray in the beginning of my skin recovery journey, including self claimed experienced estheticians who studied other friends of chemistry/ biology.
These people have saved me from continuing to destroy my skin using heavily promoted and popular skincare because I didn't know how bad certain ingredients are for my skin:

on IG
But the best thing is always going to be use hydrating skincare (I love the layering steps of Asian beauty to pack in the hydration through toners and essences), use skin barrier friendly products and face tools (i.e don't scrub your face to oblivion), using a consistent routine of actives you find help your skin concerns (like dark spots, acne ect), and using a good gentle moisturizer, maybe a face oil if it suits you. Most important is during the day, sunscreen. Asian sunscreens are divine for this as many double as moisturizers or even 3-in-1 as a primer too, and there is such an array of elegant formulas that will work for all skin types.
Listening to your skin, and if your skin is unhappy with a product/ ingredient, don't force it & just wash it all off properly with a double cleanse and just do a gentle recovery skin routine to heal your skin. There are products recommended by the professionals that just do not suit my skin but everyone is unique, but the dermatologists and chemists have given me the tools to quickly understand and take action if something doesn't work for me.

Just for a reference, I've tagged the skincare I love from Sephora that I either used a lot before I advanced to more potent products or what I enjoy to this day.
Have fun learning how to keep your skin happy : )

Re: K Beauty Anti Aging

@CattyT3 thank you very much for your recommendations. I’ll review your list.

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