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I don't wear makeup. Should I double cleanse?

Hey guys,


So I'm a 20 year old man who never wears makeup. I've been reading about the wonders of double cleansing, and most of this tends to focus on how well oil-based cleansers melt makeup. Since that helps me none, is it still worth it?

RE: I don't wear makeup. Should I double cleanse?

If you have deep pores (like me) I would double cleanse but the second one should be a green tea wash that helps reduce inflammation. Or you can just do a gel wash and a light exfoliating sponge and a light toner (I recommend beauty water). I don't wear face makeup (concealer, foundation, etc) but doing this makes my skin look nice a even even on the days I forget to moisturize 🙂

Re: I don't wear makeup. Should I double cleanse?

To be honest I only double cleanse when I wear makeup. Washing your face too often is not a good thing so I wouldn't recommend you to double cleanse. I have a male friend who noticed a huge difference when he started to use face mask almost everyday. That may be a bit extreme for you but i'm sure you will have better skin with weekly exfoliation and masking.  

Re: I don't wear makeup. Should I double cleanse?

@Ryanbg I've read that double cleansing is best for dissolving makeup.  So, if you don't wear it then I don't think you need the oil cleanse first.  🙂  If you feel that your cleanser isn't getting everything off your skin in general, you can always try double cleansing with that.  Or trying a new cleanser - LOL!  🙂

Re: I don't wear makeup. Should I double cleanse?

As was mentioned below, if you're not wearing sunscreen daily, the double cleansing might not really be necessary. I might focus more on a gentle cream (non-foaming) cleanser and a light exfoliator to help you get rid of dead skin cells. 

Re: I don't wear makeup. Should I double cleanse?

@RyanbgDo you wear sunscreen? If not, then double cleansing is probably not necessary. I double cleanse when I wear makeup or if I have no makeup and am only wearing sunscreen, but don't when I've been bumming around all day at home with no makeup or sunscreen on.


Depending on your skin type, you may prefer an oil/balm based cleanser as your one-step if you have dry skin. If you have normal/oily skin though, a gentle cleanser should do the trick (try to stay away from sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate as that can strip the skin)



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