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Glass skin

Hey girls. I've been drooling over the whole glass skin trend for a while but honestly, I've been so scared to try any new products because I have the most sensitive skin and I break out to 50% of the new products I buy. (I have a little skin-care PTSD lol). Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions on the following products to achieve the glass skin look but with products that are easy on the skin?


I'm looking for...

1. foamy face-wash

2. good toner

3. good hydrating moisturizer

4. least invasive salicylic acid exfoliant


Lots of love,


Re: Glass skin

The products I'm going to mention that helped transform my skin (even my bf notices how dewy and glowy my skin looks without pointing it out) they sell at Olive Young (it's like korean sephora) and they do free international shipping on orders of $60 or more.


The first thing that I think completely transformed my skin is double cleansing. It shrinks pore size, flushes away blackheads, exfoliates and keeps your skin supple. I use Ma:Nyo Pure Cleansing Oil. It also won best selling cleansing oil in Olive Young in 2021. Massage the oil cleanser for 2 min more or less, rinse off, then continue to use your water based cleanser or foam cleanser. You may or may not break out for the first week or so because your skin is purging and is deep cleaning. If you wear sunscreen, only cleansing balms and oils can effectively remove the sunscreen residue. Regular water based cleansing will not. Treat sunscreen as you would makeup. So investing in an oil cleanser is great all around.


For a cleanser, I received a trial size of Ma:Nyo Purifying Soda Foam, and I actually really like it! I'm currently using a La Roche Posay cleanser and I 10x like the Ma:Nyo one more. I will probably buy the full size once i finish the la roche posay cleanser. Ive also heard really good things about Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam, but I have yet to try it.


Now for serums, I use Goodal Green Tangerine Vita-C Serum. Vitamin C is super important to keep your skin blemish (sun spots, acne, wrinkles) free. And what's good about korean skin care is that they prefer milder formulas. So it's great for sensitive skin. Won't make you break out or cause irritation. This Goodal serum is all the hype in Korea right now. It feels weightless and does give you that glow you're looking for. I would also recommend using a hyaluronic acid serum (or toner) before the vitamin C serum. Just because HYA keeps your skin supple and bouncy.


For toner, the best selling toner on Olive Young is the Round Lab Dokdo Toner. I've heard a lot of great things about it and it's great for sensitive skin.


For masks, I buy a bunch of sheet masks from Olive Young and try to do one sheet mask a week. The same day and the day after, my skin will look so glowy and healthy. I also just recently purchased the Ordinary BHA/AHA peel solution (from sephora) and it works leaving your skin glass-like after, but 2 issues I've come across with this product is that 1. It makes my skin feel somewhat dry after and 2. It's really harsh on your skin so not really suitable for sensitive skin. But it does make your skin very smooth. 


I also use retinol at night time. Retinol is a game changer. If you use it consistently itll leave you with such smooth skin.


If you use vitamin c, retinol and the occasional acid exfoliation I would recommend getting a skin barrier restore moisturizer. (Also sunscreen is a MUST. I heard the Round Lab Birch Juice Sunscreen is great)


Also Innisfree has a lot of fragrance in their products. Their products aren't bad but if you have sensitive skin I would try to stay away from a lot of fragrance. It can cause irritation.

Re: Glass skin

i love the brand innisfree,, they even have different products for different skin types, is great for sensitive skin as well as being a korean skincare brand that’s affordable!


if you have dry skin  

  • cleanser 

- innisfree hydrating cleansing foam with green tea for a cleanser 

  • toner

- innisfree balancing toner with green tea (this is a liquid toner for combination and oily skin) 

- innisfree free hydrating toner with green tea seed (this is a lightweight liquid toner for dry skin)

- innisfree free nourishing ampoule toner with honey ginger (this is a heavy liquid toner for extremely dry skin) 

  • moisturizer

- innisfree intensive hydrating cream with green tea seed 

- innisfree nourishing cream with ginger honey

- innisfree dewy glow jelly cream with jeju cherry blossom (my personal favorite for hydration and a dewy glow) 

  • salicylic acid 

- the inkey list salicylic acid + pore cleanser (however this is a cleanser and not an exfoliant) 

- paula’s choice skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant with salicylic acid (this is a liquid and good for all skin types and general on the skin,, if used in the morning use an spf 30 or higher to protect your skin!) also i would just recommend using it once a day (twice if you feel your skin needs it) because you did say your skin is sensitive and because BHA is in the product over use of it could cause irritation


if you have oily skin

  • cleanser

- innisfree pore cleansing facial foam with volcanic clusters for a cleanser

  • toner

-innisfree balancing toner with green tea (this is a liquid toner for oily and combination skin) 

- innisfree pore cleansing toner with volcanic clusters (this is a lightweight liquid toner for oily and combination skin) 

  • moisturizer 

- same as above 🙂 

  • salicylic acid

- same as above and i’d try the paula’s choice skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid exfoliant 


if you try these products i’d recommend doing the cleanser, then toner, the salicylic acid, then moisturizer. if you also use an spf if it’s a chemical sunscreen it should be applied before moisturizer but if using a physical sunscreen (aka. mineral sunscreen) it should be used after moisturizer 


i hope this helped! i tried to be as thorough as possible and make it easy to read 🙂 also these are all brands and products i’ve tried as well and i too have sensitive skin. and good luck on your skincare journey!!! 


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