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Full K-beauty skin care routine from for people who are a little confused about the order of how the products go. Hope this helps ☺

-HOW TO- STEP BY STEP (Allow 30 seconds to one minute between each step to ensure that each has time to absorb) #1 Cleansers OIL-BASED CLEANSER- Korean women typically use two cleansers, starting with an oil-based cleanser to remove oil-based makeup, SPF and other impurities (since water repels oil). This allows for effortless cleansing rather than tugging at your skin to remove that last bit of mascara. (ex: Cremorlab T.E.N. Cremor Cleansing Gel Oil, Aromatica Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil, S-Energy Cleansing Gel) #2 WATER-BASED CLEANSER- Following with a water- based cleanser removes any remaining residue and leaves skin supple. The key is to find a gentle formula won't strip or dry out your skin. (ex: Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser, Aromatica Sea Daffodil Cleansing Mousse, S-Energy Facial Mousse Cleanser) #3 Toners Korean beauty heritage is steeped in natural ingredients passed down from generation to generation. The tradition continues today with formulations that tend to shun harsh chemicals and draw from the Earth instead. (ex: Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Toner, Be The Skin Purifying White Toner, Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner, Shangpree S-Energy All Day Preperation Toner, Aromatica Sea Daffodil Aqua Toner) #4 Essences Through formulated with varying viscosities, essences tend to be more fluid and less concentrated that serums. Their main purpose is to moisturize the skin and make the most of the serums that follow. Think of your skin as a sponge: once it's plumped up with water, everything else absorbs more easily. (ex: Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence, The Lotus Essence With Lotus Leaf, The Lotus Lotus Leaf & Camellia Mist, Saturday Skin Freeze Frame Beauty Essence) #5 Serums & Ampules These products are formulated with active ingredients that target specific needs by skin type, such as fine lines, loss of firmness, hyperpigmentation and dehydration. You can customes your regimine here, adding or removing products as you see fit. You can use them in any order, but generally thicker, more viscous products go on later. (ex: Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule, Aromatica Rose First Absolute Serum, Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule, Be The Skin Purifying White Waterful Serum, The Lotus Lotus Leaf & Aloe Calming Serum) #6 EYE CREAM- The skin around your eyes is thinner and more easily dehydrated, so it should be treated to protect, nourish, brighten or de-puff. (ex: Aromatica Rose Absolute Eye Cream, Cremorlab Shadow-off Eye Cream, Cremorlab Wrinkle Off Eye Cream, Shangpree S-Energy Repair Eye Cream, Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream,) #7 MOISTURIZER- A moisturizer designed for your skin type creates a barrier that will lock in all the beneficial ingredients you've just applied, instead of letting them evaporate out of yoir skin. (ex: Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream, Mizon Snail Repair Perfect Cream, Cremorlab Smooth Pudding T.E.N For Face, Mizon Black All-In One Cream, Koh Gen Do all in One Moisture Gel, Saturday Skin Balancing Act, Aromatica Sea Daffodil Aqua Gel Cream) #8 Sunscreen SPF (A.M. ONLY) Every morning, finish off your skincare regimen with either a dedicated sunscreen or a BB cream or cushion compact that includes SPF. (ex: KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream SPF50+, Aromatica Calendula Non-Nano UV Protection, Aromatica Natural Tinted Sun-Cream) -STEP IT UP- EXTRA STEPS Exfoliators: For increased skin benefits, they recomend exfoliating 2-3× a week to keep skin bright, smooth, and healthy. this will prevent pores from getting clogged, boost circulation, fade hyperpigmentation, and remove dead skin cells from the skin's surface. (ex: Morihata Binchotan Facial Puff) Follow with mask and moisturizer after exfoliation. Masks, Sleeping Masks, Sheet Masks: following exfoliation, use a mask 2-3× a week to treat the skin with more potent, powerful ingredients. after using mask, you will typically see visible results in the tone, texture, and brightness of the skin. There are masks out there for practically every skin type and concern, and some even combine ingredients to make them effective for a variety of skin types. (Ex: Clay Masks: Shagpree Pore Tightening Mask, Koh Gen Do Brightening Moisture Mask) (Ex: Sheet Masks: Cremorlab Herb Tea Pure Calm Mask, Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Mask, Shangpree Hydrogel Mask) (Ex: Sleep Mask: Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Pack, Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask Tube)

Re: Full K-beauty skin care routine from for people who are a little confused about the order of how the products go. Hope this helps ☺

Great information on a great way of organizing  a skin care routine.

Full K-beauty skin care routine from for people who are a little confused about the order of how the products go. Hope this helps ☺

Thanks! I actually have the ordering of products written inside my vanity tray of products.

Full K-beauty skin care routine from for people who are a little confused about the order of how the products go. Hope this helps ☺

I found this to be really helpful...

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