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Evening out Skin Tone and Dark Spots

Hi there! I'm new to using Korean  skincare products. I go between Tatcha and Belif. I went to the Belif site and noticed they have a whitening line. Can't find it on a US site to purchase though....grrrrr. What K-beauty products do you use for evening out your skin tone?


Do you guys use different lines for all the steps or try to stick with one brand?


Also...what's your favorite Essence? I've tried a few that were watery but Belif's is more like a gel and easier to apply.


Thanks in advance!

Re: Evening out Skin Tone and Dark Spots

I've been using Missha's essence which is watery. While I've only used it for just under 2 weeks, I have noticed an evening out of my skin tone and plumping up. But I am using this in conjunction with a new facial oil to stave off winter dryness so I'm not using it alone by any means. I will wait for 4-6 weeks of use before coming to a final verdict.


In terms of dark spots, it depends what the cause is. If you search for Gothamista's YouTube, she breaks down the difference and suggests ingredients and products to try.

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