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share your instagram, beauty's!




upload_5515732252610644964.jpghey dolls! I thought it would be fun to share our instagram's for those of who share beauty photo's and makeup pics a lot and who are okay with that, (if you are not or are not comfortable with sharing your username, its totally okay!) I personally love waking up and seeing all my girly friends makeup selfies and OOTD (outfit of the day) and since Ive grown so close with all of you, Id like to see that too. I just thought it was a fun idea and hopefully y'all will get in the jam! here are a few of my favorite instagram beauty pics.

if y'all would like to follow me my instagram is @londonlover101_


cant wait to hear and see y'all!



peace and love,skye <3


p.s please comment if you have an instagram or website dedicated to beauty,fashion,food or more, I would love to hear!

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!


Joining really late but such a great idea! I'm at @beauty_isles xo

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

here is mine - @lilfireplug , I got lil bit of everything in there Smiley Happy

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Yay I'm glad there's an Instagram thread!


My username is @preciousdreamsx, same as on here.

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

I am not on Instagram often (mostly got it to reserve the name for when I get better at applying makeup). I do post occasionally, but I only get notifications on my private account (and have not posted there in a long time). It may take me a while to check in with y'all.


Mine is:

*I think beauty links are allowed, but it's @dealstoogoodtopassup if the link is removed.


I will follow back if I recognize you. If your Instagram name is way different from your BT name, let me know. 

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

I guess I should add mine too! I made one specifically for makeup, it's makeupfrommars Smiley Happy

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

I totally thought of you the other day, because my liquid liner was kind of straight. You would have been so proud. It was a fluke though, because it was crooked again last night.

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Haha! Did you get a picture? Smiley Happy 

Which liner do you use? I feel like my skills have gotten better because I've been using the SimpleHuman mirror!

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

I did not, because I did not have any face makeup on and had a breakout on my chin. I like to do my eyes first (with shadows that fall out) and after doing my eyes, my New Year's plans fell through.


We ended up staying home. I had a headache New Year's Eve, so I missed those plans as well. 


I never finished the rest of my makeup. It was all eyes and brows (should have snapped a pic of just that but did not think of it at the time).


In the mirror, it looked straight. The camera probably would have told a different story. I saw the funniest cartoon the in Beauty Pet Peeves the other day about that very thing. 


Lancome Artliner. I like it, but I will not buy it again. It is too expensive for me toss when I cannot finish it on time.

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

I like Artliner, but it's not my favorite. I alternate between Lorac Front of the Line Pro (never seems to run out!) and KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper. Sometimes I also use UD Ink Liner.


Mirrors and cameras are so strange. I swear my brows look nice and groomed in person but when I take pictures they look messy and chunky lol!


Sorry you missed NYE plans! Hope you're feeling better 

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Helen sent me some Kat Von D eyeliners. I have not opened them yet (I think they're liquid). My spreadsheet does not list them as Tattoo though. Are Sinner, Poetica, or Saint Liner Eyeliners in Trooper Liquid? If so, I will try one of those next.


My New Year's Eve plans would not have involved makeup anyway. Even though I did not go anywhere, I ended up having to apply a cream shadow for an after picture though. We were going to take the boys to play in the snow. They went with my husband, so only my plans were ruined. On New Year's Day, I was planning to go all out with my makeup and never made it past my eyes. People who cancel last minute under estimate how much time it takes me to apply makeup. I am very slow!

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Oh yay, this thread does exist! My IG is @bethany_amanda. Not beauty-related, but if anyone feels like following just for fun. Smiley Happy

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

I had so much fun reading through the username thread and felt like I was getting to know you all better! I searched for an Instagram thread and found this one. Think we can revive it? I'd love to follow all of you ladies for daily inspiration and an inside look at your life Smiley Happy


Mine is @daniellekbeauty. I also have my blog IG which is more of my everyday life stuff @danielle_framed

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Thisblessedlife27. And you know I'm all about that makeup, girl! Just started my instagram! 

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Mine is Mrsbaine10 and I link to my blog from there. Smiley Happy 

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

CuriousCannibal, same as on here Smiley Happy

I post makeup if I get some (which is less often), MOTD if I happen to like my makeup, my henna stuff, and plenty of food/baked stuff that i've made Smiley Very Happy

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Recently started using Instagram


 My page includes some adventures with myself and some other BT members you may recognize. Smiley Tongue

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

@pbamanda! follow for the life of a college student with big hair and pretty lipstick. Smiley Happy

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

I just started using instagram recently so I only have a few posts - my username is @coralista123. I post about makeup and occasionally baking!


On a side note, really glad you guys put up this thread because I love looking for inspiration among fellow beauty lovers! (;

Re: share your instagram, beauty's!

Mine is swbeautyaddiction. I would appreciate followers as I only have 10 ! 😿 haha. I'm gonna scroll down here and follow some people ! Smiley Happy 

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