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my rtsb stash

I am currently in rtsb 1 and 4 and wanted to see if anyone following me in either rtsb was interested in any of my stuff. In rtsb 1 I have an early spot which is coming up soon and in rtsb 4 I am close to the end. Particularly for rtsb 4, since my contributions will only go to 2 other people, I'd love to know what kinds of things you like/dislike. 


Skincare 1:



Skincare 2: 















Some of the full size items are lightly used. All the minis and samples are not except the tarte lipsurgence which I tried twice and the color is wrong for me. I forgot also to include a deluxe buxom mascara, a full size UD eyeliner in a blue-green color (can't remember the name), a couple other skincare samples, and full sized but about 5-10% used perfumes of Boucheron Eau Legere (jasmine, vanilla, wood), Vivenne Westwood Boudoir (this one honestly smells like a brothel but the bottle is beautiful and they say men are hopelessly drawn to it . . . wonder why . . .), and Lanvin Arpege (breezy lilac scent that I just can not smell).


I imagine this will be way too much stuff to cram into two boxes so I will probably use it for future rtsb's as well. If anyone has any questions about the pics (sorry they are so dark), let me know. I will in all likelihood have a bunch of other stuff before rtsb 4 comes my way, but I thought I'd put this out there to see what people think

Re: my rtsb stash

tarte cheek stain <3 love those!

Re: my rtsb stash

jenjen, are you in rtsb 1 or 4? i don't see you following me, but maybe the next time someone puts one of these together i can get you a cheek stain!

Re: my rtsb stash

Sweet of you hun. But I am not.  I'm fairly new to BeautyTalk. (Been on other forums/sites, always bought at Sephora, just never been in here) That is so sweet of you though <3 Even though I'm not participating in them; I still love to read/view what you gals are getting or giving away Smiley Happy  I do love me some Tarte stains though Smiley Happy

Re: my rtsb stash

i;m after you in RTSB 1 and would love it if some of these items made it to me:


Any skincare!  particularly the Murad wash and josie maran oil... a lot of it i cant quite make out in the photos, but I LOVE skincare!


Also, I am eyeing that mini flowerbomb perfume Smiley Happy

Re: my rtsb stash

I'm behind you in the RTSB1 and wouldn't mind seeing the Stila lipstick sample bubbles making their way to me - I want to give Natasha another go. 

Re: my rtsb stash

If there is anyone here that sees this and are interested in joining a box we have one spot left in our US to CAD box.

Re: my rtsb stash

Is the mini Lipsurgence Destined from the 8 pc set? That is my FAVORITE color in the set!!


Also, what color is the Buxom lippie?

Re: my rtsb stash

The Buxom is Hooligan. The tarte is a light pink matte one. I think its cheerful? But I can check when i get home. 

Re: my rtsb stash

thank you!

Re: my rtsb stash

Soooo want the perfume! I love jasmine and lilac scents, so those might be perfect. Also would love to try the Nude oil or LaMer cream. So glad you are before me in RTSB1 !

Re: my rtsb stash

I will try to include at least one of those in there, depending on space. 

Re: my rtsb stash

what color is the occ liptar?

Re: my rtsb stash

Looks like Momento to me!

Re: my rtsb stash

That's right, it's memento from the four piece mini set. And it is tested so not perfectly new. 

Re: my rtsb stash

ah couldnt tell im looking for clockwork or electric grandma

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