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my rtsb stash

I am currently in rtsb 1 and 4 and wanted to see if anyone following me in either rtsb was interested in any of my stuff. In rtsb 1 I have an early spot which is coming up soon and in rtsb 4 I am close to the end. Particularly for rtsb 4, since my contributions will only go to 2 other people, I'd love to know what kinds of things you like/dislike. 


Skincare 1:


Skincare 2: 










Some of the full size items are lightly used. All the minis and samples are not except the tarte lipsurgence which I tried twice and the color is wrong for me. I forgot also to include a deluxe buxom mascara, a full size UD eyeliner in a blue-green color (can't remember the name), a couple other skincare samples, and full sized but about 5-10% used perfumes of Boucheron Eau Legere (jasmine, vanilla, wood), Vivenne Westwood Boudoir (this one honestly smells like a brothel but the bottle is beautiful and they say men are hopelessly drawn to it . . . wonder why . . .), and Lanvin Arpege (breezy lilac scent that I just can not smell).


I imagine this will be way too much stuff to cram into two boxes so I will probably use it for future rtsb's as well. If anyone has any questions about the pics (sorry they are so dark), let me know. I will in all likelihood have a bunch of other stuff before rtsb 4 comes my way, but I thought I'd put this out there to see what people think

Re: my rtsb stash

That's a huge stash Smiley Happy I'm interested in anything related to skincare, maybe makeup second

Re: my rtsb stash

What is rtsb? Your giving this stuff away?

Re: my rtsb stash

rouge traveling sephora box. there are also non-rouge traveling sephora boxes. if you do a search on BT you will see what it entails and what the rules are, but bascially it is a swap. people put take what they want out and then add equal or greater value stuff. what's left at the end of the swap goes to charity. this is my first one, so i'm a little anxious to get it right and put stuff in there that people like.

Re: my rtsb stash

I'd love to try some of the Sisley or the Kiehl's, plus that nail polish and that little (Bite?) lip pencil look like great colors!

Re: my rtsb stash

the nail polish is deborah lippman and it is a brownish burgandy. the bite pencil is pomegranate i think. i'll be sure to set aside some sisley, kiehl's, and those two things for you.


Re: my rtsb stash

I'm right after you in rtsb 1 and I'd love it if you put in any of your origins, boscia and ole henriksen skincare. I'd be interested in the bobbi brown brush, the buxom lipstick, the bite pencil and the fresh lip balm. Obviously you don't need to put all of that into rtsb 1 just for me but I would be absolutely thrilled to see one or two of those things in there when it comes to me.

And this post is a good idea, I might steal it and post a picture of my possible rtsb contributions

Re: my rtsb stash

i'll definitely include some of these items for you - its coming up soon! the bobbi brown brush is used but i will wash and sanitize it. it is an all over shader brush, but you can also use it to highlight.

Re: my rtsb stash

I am especially eyeing the boscia black mask, long wearing lippies, murad cleanser, and sin tone corrector Smiley Wink

Re: my rtsb stash

i will put boscia black mask, clinique skin tone corrector, and murad cleanser in rtsb 4 for you. which long wearing lippies were you referring to?

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