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just curious

just curious..i am faily new here but i never get any hearts for the beauty advice i i doing something wrong? ty!

Re: just curious

I don't think that your main reason for joining beautytalk should be to gain hearts. This is not Facebook or any other kind of social media where "likes" depict your popularity. Hearts are given from people for different reasons. I know some people heart useful answers, some heart funny answers, others heart based on how they're feeling that day. There is no particular way to heart. When I started off, I did not have many hearts. I quickly learned that being more involved on here, posting reviews on products and replying to posts or starting a post was most helpful. It allowed me to learn a lot from other ladies & gents on here. Be patient & kind and you will gain hearts in no time (:

Re: just curious

thats not why i joined at all..i was just curious..thats all.

Re: just curious

Kissxmakeup - I don't think she is on here to get hearts, I think JCSFLA just may think she is giving out solid advice and wants to know why her "hearts" don't reflect that. 


I think beautylovinggirl makes a valid point, that many people are new to the boards. Many new people come in to BT boards just to ask one question and they are unfamiliar with the concept of giving hearts.  Also, many people after they've found the answer they were looking for or after they begin to type a reply simply forget to go back and show some love! (PS I gave you a heart just now! Smiley Wink

Re: just curious

I would agree with others that I was on here for the longest time before I even realized you could give hearts. And again, as someone else indicated, whenever I'm on here I'm multi-tasking and I genuinely forget about it. Just don't let it make you feel like your advice is bad or undesired!

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