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just curious

just curious..i am faily new here but i never get any hearts for the beauty advice i i doing something wrong? ty!

Re: just curious

A lot of your replies seemed to be with caps lock on, which can be off-putting to a lot of people. Hope that helps! <3

Re: just curious

It's really not a big deal Smiley Happy To me giving/receiving hearts ins't important. It's more so on the comment and helpfulness. But if I do receive them, it probably means they like what I said or I helped in some way. When I give hearts, it's the same thing. I'm also not picky on what I heart because again, it's not a big deal. So no you're not doing anything wrong, just if someone wants to heart your comment/post they will. Sometimes I dont get hearts on my comments/post and I dont think too much of it. 


Hope I helped Smiley Happy

Re: just curious

It's also probably because people aren't used to you being on here and haven't really had time to notice but I do think that @jellybean917 gave you some good advice to turn your caps off when answering people it can be taken the wrong way.


Re: just curious

JGSFLA:  I was not going to respond to your question, until I went to the next post and saw you had a post.  I have seen two responses and this question.  The two responses were in all caps and this question is in all lower case.  Please learn to type in upper and lower case letters.  In netiquette, all caps is the equivalent of shouting.  Also, writing in all lower case letters (my opinion) shows a lack of maturity.  Correct punctuation is also helpful.  Are the two periods a period and a typo or an attempt at an ellipsis, which is made using three periods (...)?


I read this post only because it is in lower case letter, which is easier to read than all caps.  However, it is still annoying to read lower case I's--did she leave a letter off--is, if, in, it, etc.?  (I haven't even asked about the "ty.")

Re: just curious

The "ty" is text abbreviation for "thank-you".

Re: just curious

I think some people don't really even think to click the hearts.  It took me a while here before I started noticing that and even now I'm sometimes multitasking while on BT and forget.  


Don't worry about the number of hearts Smiley Wink

Re: just curious

I agree with everything that has already been said- also, please be patient.  I'm on BT regularly and outside of your posts within the past hour I've never seen you post before... The Internet doesn't happen in real time. People have other things to do, especially on holidays.  

Re: just curious

Some aren't as free with heart giving as others.  I typically heart messages I find funny, interesting, or genuinely helpful.  It takes a long time and a lot of participation to build up hearts. 


As constructive criticism, on one question it would've been better to say why the NARS is great and how the Becca is best.  Not just simply that they are.


Welcome to our community!

Re: just curious

@kalex - Thanks (or is that ty?)!  Back in the olden days, on handwritten (yes, handwritten) notes, people would write, "tx" or "thx."

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