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just curious

just curious..i am faily new here but i never get any hearts for the beauty advice i i doing something wrong? ty!

Re: just curious

The "ty" is text abbreviation for "thank-you".

Re: just curious

It's also probably because people aren't used to you being on here and haven't really had time to notice but I do think that @jellybean917 gave you some good advice to turn your caps off when answering people it can be taken the wrong way.

Re: just curious

It's really not a big deal Smiley Happy To me giving/receiving hearts ins't important. It's more so on the comment and helpfulness. But if I do receive them, it probably means they like what I said or I helped in some way. When I give hearts, it's the same thing. I'm also not picky on what I heart because again, it's not a big deal. So no you're not doing anything wrong, just if someone wants to heart your comment/post they will. Sometimes I dont get hearts on my comments/post and I dont think too much of it. 


Hope I helped Smiley Happy

Re: just curious

A lot of your replies seemed to be with caps lock on, which can be off-putting to a lot of people. Hope that helps! <3

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