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i need fashion advice.

ladies, please, give me more stores to choose from! I've been shopping at A&F, forever21, express, etc. since i was like 17. I'm 20 years old and I really want to change up my style. i guess im what you'd call a "hipster" but i want like an edgy boho look. If you have a similiar style i'd really love to know what stores you shop at Smiley Very Happy i always seem to create clothes id want to wear in my mind and than hope I can find them at a store and that obviously never really works for me lol :/ 

Re: i need fashion advice.

I love the boho edy look too! my style is a mix of boho edgy, sweet, sexy, and modelesque. my main store is forever21 since it has such amazing deals and clothes, but when I was on vacation during this summer I went to England and as I was shopping I stopped by a store called primark and bought this beautiful black maxi skirt for 16 dollars! if you live in Europe check that store out Smiley Happy honestly im not going to pay six hundred dollars for a pari of pants or even thirty dollars for a plain shirt. I love my style but im always very good with my money but I do splurge Smiley Tongue I hope this helps! Smiley Very Happy

Re: i need fashion advice.

Staringatstars mentioned Free People and you can get that at Nordstrom.  If you don't have one near you, they have free shipping AND free returns no minimum purchase required.  Great Store and Great Customer Service.

Re: i need fashion advice.

Hi amynadinexo,


If you are into online shopping (at all) or just getting ideas for that certain outfit.

You may like:


threadsence-boho style geared

pyramidcollection-bohemian, and new age collections

victoriassecret-some boho geared clothing

zappos-not just for shoes, clothing too!

hautelook-varies on what is offered

shopplanetblue-can be expensive (per item)



Take care





Re: i need fashion advice.

Try Luvocracy, it's a website where you can browse suggested products and collections of people based on their taste and the categories of fashion style you are looking for. All the items are from different stores but you are saved the trouble of jumping to multiple websites because all the products regardless of their brand, can be purchased directly from the website. Its a great place for one stop shopping on all your fashion needs, receiving recommendations, and checking out other peoples style.

Re: i need fashion advice.

amy i know you asked for stores, but do you sew or know anyone that does? - you/they can modify your finds to make them uniquely yours - when i was younger, before electricity, i could not stand to have anything clothing wise like anyone else and my grandma taught me to sew - i took some of my moms and grannies pieces and used the fabric to make something different - the skirts were so full, they contained a lot of yardage - i also modified some of my grandpa's shirts into shirts for me.


do not overlook Salvation Army and Goodwill - there are plenty of high end items NWT - i used to snub my nose at those places until i found a J Crew linen shirt that i had wanted so badly, but $125 was not in the budget - it was NWT and i got it for $1.50 exact same shirt i was wanting Smiley Happy Score! I was hooked ever since!

Re: i need fashion advice.

spoiledbrat - I just bought a coach item & pair of bebe pants at goodwill yesterday! I agree there are gems 

Re: i need fashion advice.

@spoiledbrat - you are too funny!  I agree with your suggestions regarding Salvation Army and Goodwill.  I shopped at a lot of used clothing stores when I was young and always had great finds.  I also agree that urban outfitters have a lot of hobo edgy looks that will not break the bank.  Just wait for things to go on sale there because they always do go on sale.  

Re: i need fashion advice.

for the latter piece you mentioned of trying on clothes in your mind you could also instead try the app stylebook if you have an apple device. it's highly recommended and I have it and love it to pieces. it's really neat and helps me a lot. it's  where you take pics of your own clothes and make a virtual closet and put together outfits as well as taking pics of what you are considering buying and seeing if they work together with the clothes you already own so you don't end up buying standalone pieces that don't always incorporate so well.  and for the boho look if money isn't a problem I have observed that anthropologie is a really good option for that style it's just kind of expensive. as well as urban outfitters and Hollister. hope these things help. Smiley Happy

Re: i need fashion advice.

My best friend wears an edgy boho look. I can never pull it off!


I would go to the cheaper stores for your basics- no one knows what brand it is...


But for nicer and better quality items that you can see yourself wearing all the time, I would look at Urban Outfitters, Free People, and MadeWell. You can also find some nice stuff on DailyLook and HauteLook as well for a better deal!

Re: i need fashion advice.

H&M is fantastic <3

Re: i need fashion advice.

It depends on how much money you're willing to spend.  I like going to Forever 21 and H&M for basics and sometimes you can find really great clothes in these stores.  If it's a "hipster" vibe you want, Urban Outfitters is the way to go.  For boho, I think Free People has that down to a T; however, it is more expensive.

Re: i need fashion advice.

Urban Outfitters would probably be best place to shop based on your style and the price range is pretty comparable to the stores where you already shop!

Re: i need fashion advice.

i think it depends on your budget and whether you want to shop online or in person. ie, marc jacobs would be a high end boho look. anthropologie would be midrange. urban outfitters would be more affordable. i dont think there is anything wrong with shopping at forever21 - i'm in my late 30s and am not above doing that. i also like shopping online at shopbop and revolve bc of the sales and easy/free shipping and returns.

Re: i need fashion advice.

also, vintage stores can be a great resource and are usually cheap.

Re: i need fashion advice.

oh gawd i have the same problem -__-*

cept i want more of a hipster grunge victorian look


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