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Your everyday routine;makeup,hair,skincare!


swfupload_8167107515501813866.jpgHey beauty's!

It's just another Saturday afternoon on Beauty Talk and I was wondering what is your everyday routine for makeup, hair, skincare? Do you like to express your style as funky and bold everyday or are you a more natural lookin gal? tell me about your regimen and I will be glad to chat about it Smiley Happy

my everyday routine varies some day's but this is my basic routine.


1.) I wake up in the morning and brush my hair out/ take out my braids from the night before (Im trying to grow my hair out so Im using braids as a factor).


2.)I use a touch of my nivea crème on my eyelids and underye area I also put a little on my lashes just to moisturize and hydrate, I like doing this because it gives my eyes a fresh dewy look.


3.) a little concealer if I think I need it, and I'm out the door!



*just another little note* I as much as I want to I cannot post pictures of myself as to protect privacy and personal information , even though I don't post pictures of myself I'm still just like everyone else!


Here are a few of my favorite looks from some really inspiring beauty guru's , models and celeb's!


Re: Your everyday routine;makeup,hair,skincare!

that sounds great Smiley Happy

Re: Your everyday routine;makeup,hair,skincare!

Skin: Clarisonic if I'm at home (Olay spin brush if I shower at the gym), alternating between Purity Made Simple and Philosophy Micro-Exfoliating cleanser.  Fresh Umbrian Clay Serum and Lotion, still deciding on eye cream (working through a few samples).


Hair:  This always varies as far as products.  I normally use a cleansing conditioner, but will sometimes use a sulfate-free shampoo instead.  Protein-rich, silicone-free conditioner, either not rinsed out completely or followed by protein-rich leave-in conditioner (I often use products labeled as protein treatments for this).  Rake and scrunch curl enhancing product, rthen rake and scrunch in gel in sections.  Tie my hair up in a microfiber towel while I get dressed and do makeup, then take my hair down and air dry.


Makeup:  Recently started playing around with this a bit more, but my typical work day look is Tarte Tinted BB Cream, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow (UD Naked Basics palette), eyeliner, mascara, natural colored lipstick.IMG_0150.JPG

Re: Your everyday routine;makeup,hair,skincare!

1. if i'm leaving the house i comb and flat iron my hair, if i'm staying in i keep it wrapped in a scarf.

2. wash my face with noxema and my exfoliating mitt


3. use one of my many under eye creams, apply hope in a jar moisturizer


4. MUFE matte foundation, fill in brows, cat eyes, sugar lips and i'm done!


* if i'm not leaving the house i usually skip # 4



Re: Your everyday routine;makeup,hair,skincare!

If I'm staying in -

Hair - brush & put in a messy ponytail (moving the placement around) or bun

Face - Wash with Clinique Foaming Facial Cleanser, Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream & Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Make-up - Lip Balm or Gloss


If I'm going out -

Hair - brush & curl/straighten.  My hair is wavy & gets a little out of control.

Face - Wash with Clinique Foaming Facial Cleanser, Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream & Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Make-Up - Concealer, Foundation, Powder, Eye Shadow/Liner/Mascara, Blush, Lipstick/Lip Gloss

Re: Your everyday routine;makeup,hair,skincare!

I like a touch of bold! Nothing too crazy... but I want to get away with it when I can.


1) Hair - always in a bun with a clip holding it. I try to avoid pony tails (or at least alternate their location) to avoid breakage. I wear a scrub cap at work so my hair doesn't really matter!


2) I wash my face with Origins Checks & Balances and my Clarisonic. My skin is oily but if its feeling dry or irritated I just splash with water and then follow with my toner.


3) OH truth serum followed by OH sheer transformation. Origins eye cream.


4) Tarte 12 hour BB, bareMinerals pressed eyeshadow (amazing), maybelline the falsies or guerlain maxi lash, tarte dollface or exposed, guerlain meteorites in tient beige! Followed by a spritz of my lush tea tree toner or mario badescu rose water toner sprays. Love. I like defined eyes but never really wear much on my lips. Just some eos lip balm usually.

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