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Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

Just wondering what is up with the exclusive Dusty Rose lip colour selection on all of the 100 point lipstick Beauty Insider add ons.... first Givenchy Le Rouge in a dusty rose, and now Bite in a dusty rose...


It doesn't really make sense. Yes, this is the colour that's probably least likely to sell, and is also the least offensive. But I was excited to see another lipstick sample in the 100 points and was going to force a Sephora purchase just to score it, but now I'm not... because I don't need two adorable, sample size lipsticks in... dusty rose! Smiley Sad Smiley Sad

Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

Haha, I was just thinking the same thing krunce! With two lipstick 100 pt perks so close together, one would hope they would be at least a little bit different in shade!

Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

I should add that this fact didn't stop me from getting both perks Smiley Very Happy

Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

lol, I just succumbed and grabbed the Bite Pepper one too last day. Guilty!

Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

I would think that Dusty Rose is probably one of the more universally flattering colors.  I personally don't like it on me though.  I would've liked to see a nice spring/summer shade like coral!

Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

I guess tastes vary.  I think a Dusty Rose is the color I'm most likely to wear.  Not that I need any more lip colors right now....

Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

I love dusty rose.  It's a very basic color.

Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

Oh hmm, the Givenchy seemed more orange/brown based to me. I think I lost it though. I think it fell out of my purse. I'm so sad. I'll have to think about getting this Bite one because I really did like that Givenchy one but I'm trying not to spend too much right now. Smiley Sad


Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

Ya I have the Givenchy one too! I really like it, and I'm a huge fan of their formula.


You're right, the Bite looks a bit more pinky.

Re: Why Dusty Rose WHY?!

I guess it depends on the person. I personally love the dusty rose color. 

I have NARS Dolce Vita (dusty rose) in lip gloss and blush. 

I love it and I think it is a great color on me. 

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