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Whats in your makeup bag!

i thought this topic was so cute, considering all the Mods are doing it, plus i'm nosy, and i love to see what everyone has, 


So, this is whats in mine,


Its my Marc Jacobs Makeup Bag

Mac Prep & Prime BB in Light 

Minted Rose Salve

Juicy Couture Nior & Viva la Juicy rollerball Duo

L'Occtaine hand cream

Cherry & Fig Lip balm 

Bosia Green Tea blotting Linens 

Sephora targeted makeup remover swabs 

Bobby pins & A Scrunche


so whats in your girls' bag!

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

@Spyski The loreal is so nice, it stays on all day!




I did like the YSL , it stays, I just had a hard time getting over that lipstick smell. And I got the wrong color. I will buy it again though! Smiley Happy

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

Just an FYI the L'Oreal stains are on sale valid Sept. 1- 7 at Walmart! I just saw the ad online. hehe

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!


Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

oh crud forgot the Clinique Lip Stain
Also the Gaga Fame rollerball & Marc Jacobs Dot Rollerball.

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

YAY glad you did this. I am so curious too. And compared to yours, which is so cute, oh boy I have too much. Also I didn't picture the rest which stays in my purse. Like combs, the make up brush etc. mirrors, powder. Only posted what is in my make up bag itself. Smiley Tongue


Tarte Blush

Smashbox primer sample

Neutrogena Foundation

Smashbox CC Cream

Clinique BB Cream

Kat Von D concealor

Garnier Under Eye Roller Ball concealor

Givenchy Mister Light

Buxom Lip Gloss

YSL lip gloss stain

Bath&Body Works, sparkly lip gloss

Loreal Lip Stain (stuff stays on real good)

2 Loreal eyeshadows

Rimmel Rollerball eyeshadow

NYX rollerball eyeshadow

Avon traveling tweezers


Yeah...........I carry a lot. O.o

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

I see you got the L'Oreal lip stains as well. I find those easily dupe-able to the YSL stain although they tend to go on my lips a different color then what they appear when swatched unlike the YSL stains (which I adore fondly) that hold true to their swatch Smiley Happy

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

Ugh i've been dying to try the YSL lip products everyone raves about them on here

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

This is the voice of all BT just do it...Smiley Very Happy

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

Ah! i think i'm going to go get one today, the glossy lip stains are they shiny or not really?

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

The Rebel stains are shiny but the regular YSL stains aren't shiny. I'm lovin the Pink Taboo# 103 and the Fuschia Fugivitve #109 in the rebels.

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

I wanna try the voilet one its called No.1 Voilet i think its such a pretty purple

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

Alot of the regular YSL Stains aren't as intense as they look on line so it's always worth swatching them before you buySmiley Happy But yes it's a really pretty color.

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

I just received #15 in the mail yesterday from being "enabled" *cough cough* but I LOVE IT! No.1 Violet is calling my name too, it's a beautiful rich purple. Would look great with your complexion! 

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

How did you like #15 ?

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

Omg your makeup bag is sooo cute! And also very fuctional

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

yep yep love your makeup bag the color and the style.

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

Thank you! i got it at like a designer discount store i think it was 70 and i got it for 13 Smiley Wink

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

Wow Smiley Surprised great deal!! Makes it even prettier even Smiley Tongue

Re: Whats in your makeup bag!

I have the Deux Lux Gramercy Makeup Bag in Black, found photos but haven't been able to post them Smiley Sad

I have my everyday makeup essentials in it which include:

-Benefit They're Real Mascara

-EOS Lip Balm 

-Eyelash Curler

-Aqualilies for Tarte Smooth Operator

-Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer

-Revlon Colorstay Quad in Addictive (I use that for my eyebrows)

-Chelle Ivory Lace Highlighter

-Revlon Colorstay Liquid liner

-Benefit Fake Up concealer


-Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer

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