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What are the best brushes out there?

I use sephora and sigma brushes but they wear out on me quickly even though i shampoo them..anyone know of good affordable brushes? are the MAC brushes/bobbi brown brushes worth the price?  Ty for ur advice!`

Re: What are the best brushes out there?

Everyone is giving great brands. I also highly recommend Real Techniques and MAC. I have brushes from MAC and Sigma for 4 years now and to this day I am still using them and they work great. I recommend using a gentle shampoo for washing your brushes. I use baby shampoo. When drying them, lay them flat. Never put them standing back up or the water will get to the silver handle and will get loose.

Re: What are the best brushes out there?

My brush collection is a hodge podge. I have some from all sorts of brands. I'm also a big fan of the Sephora collection brushes, I've had many of mine for years and have nothing negative to say about them. Two of my favorite Sephora brushes are the bronzing brush and our classic smudge brush (great for the lower lash line).


Whimsically yours,

Re: What are the best brushes out there?

Thank you..great advice..I have never heard of  the technique brushes but im going to try them for sure!

Re: What are the best brushes out there?

Sephora, Real Techniques (sold at Ulta), and Bobbi Brown are all wonderful.  BB's are the priciest, so you have to watch what you get, but she has some very specific ones that others don't.

Re: What are the best brushes out there?

Another brand of good brushes, which were not mentioned here, were Crown brushes.  I have a complete set of Italian Badger hair and I love them! 

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