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Website is messed up still

Is anyone else having major issues with seeing the brands list and or getting an "error 400" message.


i think that's pretty bad Sephora and I haven't been able to buy anything since you've played around with the website.

Re: Website is messed up still

yes, it is still a hot mess. Can't read reviews unless I clear the cookies every 5 minutes, most of the time if I go to leave a review it says submission unavailable, their SSL certificate is outdated and my browsers alert me that logging in may expose my password and I can get hacked. I send them emails to report the problems and get the usual boiler plate response and nothing gets done. Who ever decided to change this website should be fired.

I have now been purchasing at the brand websites instead of Sephora. So disappointed.


Re: Website is messed up still

Yup, still sucks, its easier to use the app on my phone than the website.  It kept stalling when I was trying to look up my foundation shades. 

Re: Website is messed up still

I'm glad I am not the only one this is happening to! I have to basically clear my cookies every time I use the site and I cannot write any reviews. The new website is totally useless. Like others said, it is just easier to shop on other sites at this point.


Re: Website is messed up still

every time i click on an item a white square pops up, like i can't see anything

Re: Website is messed up still

I'm having a problem since they changed the website.  I try to look at the brands then when I click on that brand it says there's a long-running script that causes the screen to freeze!

I wish someone at Sephora to e-mail me. I don't want to stop shopping at Sephora but it's looking as though I'll have too since I can't order online anymore and the closest store is two states away from me.

Re: Website is messed up still

Yep! Their website has been messed up for MONTHS!!!! It's a little better on my phone but I prefer shopping on my IPad with a bigger screen. They've lost $100s from me, I can't imagine how much they've lost all together. 

Re: Website is messed up still

Jacked up for months. How many times do I have to enter my card information? Tells me the country, zip code and phone number don't match--well, it's been the same for three years. Sure, I'll enter it again, same info. Voila! It worked. How can I be a VIB member, over 1200 points and not have a purchase history two minutes after I placed an order?  It's bad enough that the site is S L O W (it's midnight in CA, can't be that many people shopping), all this other nonsense is maddening.

Re: Website is messed up still

Yep, the website still sucks.  I have much better luck using their app these days. 

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