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Website is messed up still

Is anyone else having major issues with seeing the brands list and or getting an "error 400" message.


i think that's pretty bad Sephora and I haven't been able to buy anything since you've played around with the website.

Re: Website is messed up still

I haven't tried that yet but thanks for the advice I'll def try that later! I just logged on using Chrome on my Macbook & it's working so far... but I feel like it's too good to be true, maybe it'll crash again lol. It's so annoying Sephora is causing their clientele to take extra steps to shop on their website to provide them income.

Re: Website is messed up still

& I think they took away the "Sale" section/tab too? Whoever decided to change the whole layout of their new website needs to get fired seriously lol. If this website is not ready to be up & running sufficiently they shouldn't have released it yet. Give us back the old site for crying out loud... 

Re: Website is messed up still

Yeah! I've encountered the same problem. I don't understand why Sephora suddenly decided to give their website a makeover when it was great the way it was before. It's been over a week & I can't navigate the site without getting the "error 400" message. I've tried on a PC & on a Macbook so it's not a problem with the device but it's their server. Such a pain to shop using my phone, please fix this issue Sephora.

Re: Website is messed up still

Seriously, it's been days. I ended up buying something at Ulta that I would have bought here if the site was working with Safari. I can't begin to imagine how much this site mess is costing Sephora.

Re: Website is messed up still

yes me too! i've noticed that safari doesn't work at all. i've switched to chrome but it's still annoying since none of my info is saved. 

Re: Website is messed up still

It's really annoying to not be able to click on a list of brands anymore. I would like to have that feature back.


A few days ago I was considering buying Josie Maran body lotion and when I searched for it, it came up, but errored out whenever I tried to go to the product page.

Re: Website is messed up still

I know it's so weird. I placed an order this week and it was frustrating.  I searched by brand to find a product and clicked on it I'd get an error code but then I entered the product name and the link worked.  They must be having a big dip in sales.

Re: Website is messed up still

Yeh this issue been going on for days. 


With the website like this I cant eat.. I cant sleep..all my minutia of funny thoughts goes unposted... My heart is breaking.


I actually did some work today instead of surfing Sephora. WORK. This is what i am reduced to. Productivity, just to make the day go faster without my beloved Sephora. 




When will the suffering end so I can go back to complaini g about other things.. Like perks and promos.

Re: Website is messed up still

its annoying because I like many others one here like to be active not only with the shopping portion but with the community . 


This error is also preventing woke from even logging into their account to be able to talk on this board. 



Re: Website is messed up still

HI @teenageparasite,


We're so sorry for any inconvenience! We are working to resolve any issues you may be experiencing and hope to have it resolved soon. We understand this can be frustrating and thank you for your patience! 


If you do need help placing an order, you are very welcome to give us a call at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672). 


Re: Website is messed up still

It's not about ordering , it's also logging into my account to post for instance . I have to play around with different ways on the site to be able to even view this response . I feel for the amount of money I and others plug into this site on a constant basis ; you guys should be able to hire the proper tech support team. 

I feel that this "issue" is deterring not only myself but others from shopping with you because we're unable to even see certain products . 


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