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VIB confirmation

I am still waiting for by VIB confirmation email and 20% email for this weekend! I currently have 421 points ( all of them from this year),  but I'm concerned since I just made the last purchase that put me over 350 points last weekend that it might take until this weekend or later to receive confirmation! HELP! I am taking a friend up to the closest full Sephora this weekend, and we wanted to spend some money!

I am aware that it can take 2 weeks to get VIB confirmation from previous emails to Sephora customer service, but I REALLY want that 20% discoutn this weekend!

Re: VIB confirmation

I just found out about the 20% as well! I do plan on doing some holiday shopping at Sephora and this would really help! Also haven't recieved a VIB confirmation email.

Re: VIB confirmation

I'm so sorry poutinelover. I just saw your post now. I'll send you a message to see if I could still help. Smiley Wink





Re: VIB confirmation

I have the same problem... I just went over $350 five days ago and e-mailed customer service yesterday. They replied back saying it'll take up to 2-3 for them to look into it. Smiley Sad


I guess I'll try calling and see if they can confirm my VIB status before the VIB sale ends. There's so much stuff I wanted to get!

Re: VIB confirmation

I was told when I called today to call them back thursday or friday if I haven't received my VIB email by then.All I know is, I will get my account upgraded for that 20% off!! Smiley Wink

Re: VIB confirmation

Hi ladies! If you have already qualified for VIB status you will still be eligible for the VIB 20% holiday discount. Please make sure to contact us by phone at 1-877-SEPHORA  if you do not receive the email notifications or need help with your orders so we can look into your accounts. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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