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VIB Rouge Sale Cancelled Order without Notice

So I placed an order when the sale began hoping that the items I wanted would not go out of stock. Like all other girls, I was stocking up on my year supply of skincare and got many gift boxes. My total came out to be around $3,000+ which I know seems like a lot but the items are pricey. About 2-3 days later, my order was cancelled without notice (no phone call or email), I found out as I was browsing through the app! I called Sephora and they couldn't give me an real response as to why it was cancelled. They said my billing address did not match my card? Which I know for sure works because I made 2 other orders and it went through.

So now I am stuck because many items were out of stock and the representative at Sephora said to separate my purchases? He was not able to do anything. Is this really an adequate solution to the problem? Is this happening to anyone else? I am still very confused about all of this because I remained VIB rouge because I spend so much and now there are restrictions?   


Re: VIB Rouge Sale Cancelled Order without Notice


The exact same thing just happened to me! I placed a big order on the last day of the first weekend of the sale... Cancelled!

I placed an even bigger order (including items that were in my 1st order) on the very frist day of the 2nd weekend of the sale, and then, a couple hours later, I placed a 3rd order for a holiday set which had been out of stock at the time of my first two orders. I was worried that polacing 2 orders in one day might get me flagged, so I called the Rouge concierge, explained, and she garantied me there would be no problem... fast-forward 2 days: BOTH ORDERS CANCELLED!!!!

I called this afternoon to say I was upset about the holiday set, which I was especially looking forward to. I found out that although I have been shipping my orders to my workplace (my retired=always-home neighbor hates me and returns all packages and letters bearing my name by writting "Does not live at the above address any longer" on everything!) for months, Sephora suddenly decided not to ship me anything to that professionnal address. Of course, they did not tell me this. They let me continue placing order with that delivery address, all the while cancelling them...

I even talked to a supervisor today (who, altough not entirely rude, was neither nice nor helpful!), and no one can do anything... 1000$ for this kind of customer service?!? We cannot even place order anymore without having them cancelled for no reason?!? I am so disappointed!!! Can't wait for Ulta to open in Canada!

Re: VIB Rouge Sale Cancelled Order without Notice

Sephora has been cancelling orders the last few months for essentially no reason as if they get more money from cancellations! 


There are SO many complaints about it.  My daughters and I have also experienced it.  In fact they just cancelled 2 of my orders yesterday because "couldn't verify my payment method"  of Paypal what I have always used here.  I called customer service and they didn't understand why either. What idiots do they have working there cutting down sales by cancelling orders willy nilly??

Re: VIB Rouge Sale Cancelled Order without Notice

Yes this happened to me  with multiple orders. I had one big order and two smaller orders with just one item. Their reasoning for cancelling was that the items became out of stock. Even with my larger order, one of the items was no longer in stock (even though it did not indicate this when I checked out), and thus they decided to cancel the entire order. Even with my orders with just one item, they also cancelled. I called and they refunded my money right away on my credit card and instructed me to place the orders again as some of the items were back in stock. I've done that. Now when I check the app, it still indicates that the order is "in progress" and within the order, some of the items are marked as out of stock. So I'm not sure how we are even able to place orders when inventory is non-existent. I think Sephora has an overwhelming response to the VIB early access sale and thus their online system was unable to keep up with stock. Hopefully they will honour my purchase since the site did indicate stock was available at the time of purchase. I know, so frustrating!

Call your card company they may have flagged the purchase...

Call your card company they may have flagged the purchase, this is the time of year for alot of credit fraud. They should call but don't always.
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