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Unsure what makeup to buy

I need to buy brand new makeup,but I'm sure where to go and what to get. My sisters all use Mac. I don't know if I should buy from a brand carried by Sephora or Mac. HELP):

Re: Unsure what makeup to buy

Depends if you want to explore face or eye products. I would definitely say explore Sephora as a whole since it has so many brands to chose from and offer so much Smiley Happy

Re: Unsure what makeup to buy

Yes, please give us a little more information on what type of products you are looking for and what your skin tone and skin type are Smiley Happy

Re: Unsure what makeup to buy

What specific makeup are you looking for?! 

Re: Unsure what makeup to buy

There are lots of good brands at Sephora. Mac also has some really nice items. What exactly are you looking to buy? Because I would suggest different products depending on what you're looking for.

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