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Underrated and Overhyped?

Just for fun:


What do you think is an underrated product or brand?

What do you think is an overhyped product or brand?


For me, my answers would be:


Underrated would be LORAC.  I really love all the products I've tried.  With the exception of the Pro Eyeshadow Palette, many of the other products get overlooked.  However, in my opinion they are always really high quality.  


Overhyped would be Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder.  I know many people will think I'm crazy with this, but I find it very high priced and there are products out there that can give a similar effect.  I have it but don't really love it. 

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?



I also agree with the person who mention the Tarte blushes to be underrated, i use doll-face its the most perfect light pink i've ever come across, plus the formula in the staying power is incredible, maybe not 12 hours but at least 8. 


i think the Makeup forever matte bronzer is under rated, its a great non orangy non dirty looking matte bronzer and i've almost never heard anything about it i was so surprised! plus its huge, the one i have will last me so so long. 


the stila stay all day liquid eyeliner pen, its incredible, stays all day with an amazing intensity, i do recommend it, 


Becca shimmering skin perfecter, honestly this is my HG luminizer, just a little bit with my foundation and im glowing all day




i think Diorshow mascara is very over hyped, not all of them, just the original diorshow it was $25.00 and it made NO difference in my lashes at all. 


Marc jacobs honey perfume, i'm just not a fan, smells like all of his other perfumes, not worth the money




Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

What a fun topic!


Underrated product/brand:  Tarte Cosmetics.  I was already well acquainted with the Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara, which is my HG mascara.  However, after redeeming a 500-point perk, I simply adore this line, especially the Amazonian blush in nude, which I find to be universal to all skin tones.  Plus, it's matte enough where you don't get that shine, shimmer or clownish look.


Overhyped product/brand:  I love MUFE foundations, but I have a love-hate relationship with the new Pro Finish Powder foundation.  While I love that it can be applied wet or dry, it oxidizes like crazy and I don't recommend it for oily skin especially during the summer months.  I think MUFE was crazy to discontinue the Duo Mat and to replace it with this.


Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

i think a lot of the mascaras are over hyped, i don't see a big difference in most,  

 under rated would have to be Stella McCartney's fragrance tilted "Stella McCartney"

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?






Smiley Wink

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Underrated -- Kat Von D! Everything I've tried from her line has been quality. Her eye shadows are so pigmented and I love her blushes and lipsticks.  I also agree about Lorac, and unfortunately, the Sephora near me has stopped carrying it altogether!


As far as overhyped, I agree that Urban Decay needs to move on from its Nakeds line. I do own and like the Naked Basic palette, but other lines are carrying more interesting takes on matte colors that I want to try. Also agree about NARS Orgasm - it was too orangey on me but it seemed like everyone else loved it. Much prefer some of their other blush colors.

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Underrated:  Korres makeup and skincare.  I bought a kit with 4 Wild Rose skincare products which I love and another kit with a blush that is comparable to NARS blushes in quality.  I really want to try their foundations but they are not available in my local SeJCP.


Over-hyped:  Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm.  I saw it on TV talk shows.  I saw it in magazine articles.  I tried it.....didn't like it......should have returned it.  I should be wary anytime a foundation product promises to be one color for all skin colors.

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Overrated: Smashbox BB Cream I went in looking for something to help keep my oil in control. It was thick and ehh and did nothing different from what I was already using.

Underrated: E.L.F. It has some really great products for really cheap. I think their brushes (the $3 ones not the $1 ones) are pretty good. Their lashes are good with the duo glue. And even though their eye shadows are as good as high end, I've really liked the ones I've used so far and they could be good for someone just starting to use makeup.

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Underrated: NYX - unfortunately not offered at Sephora, but overlooked because they not as widely advertised like the other drugstore brands; really good quality yet affordable; a favorite amongst many beauty bloggers; colors are really pigmented (love their lipsticks and eyeshadows; cruelty free; great alternative to a lot of MAC colors


Overrated: Agree with many of the responders below about Benefit - drugstore mascaras work better

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

I really liked NYX but after going through all of my cosmetics and looking at ingredients I tossed out all of my NYX items! I am trying to eliminate mineral oil because I have very sensitive skin and 99% of all the products I had from NYX had mineral oil within the first 5 ingredients, many had mineral oil within the first 3! Some people may not care which is fine, totally personal preference, but if you don't like mineral oil definitely check NYX product ingredient lists before purchasing.......

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

LOVE NYX- thanks for the tip about buying them at Nordies!

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

I really like NYX Slide On eyeliners.  They stay all day without smudging.  And I use the Nude Pink lipliner.  It is perfect for me.  


By the way, did everyone know that you can buy NYX from Nordstroms?  I was pretty surprised, and they offer free shipping.  

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Yep, that surprised me too.  All my makeup comes from either Sephora or Nordstrom with odds and ends from drugstores/Ulta.  I know some people who also live and die by Milani kohl eyeliners.

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Nordies also carry Topshop makeup now! I can't wait to try them sometime Smiley Happy

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Overrated: Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. I remember a few years back I came across a rave review of it in some magazine, and later read amazing reviews of it online, so I got all excited and bought it (I think it was one of my first Sephora purchases!) Used it regularly for a couple of months but never saw any visible difference. Boo. :-/


Underrated: I honestly can't think of any -- you girls all seem to be in the know about "hidden gems," more than me!! Um...I think Kevin Bacon is underrated though. Does that work? Smiley Happy

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Overrated: Benefit (They're real Mascara), MUFE (HD Foundation, Mat Velvet)

Underrated: Clinique (chubby sticks are awesome!), Bite Beauty (best lipstick ever!)

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

I completely agree about Bite Beauty.  I find the formula creamy without drying my lips and I love how it is food grade ingredients.  

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Overrated: Benefit's They're Real mascara (I actually prefer Bad Gal if I have to pick from that brand, although I still think as a Blonde Almay's mascara for blue eyes works amazingly and is SO cheap)
MUFE HD Microfinish Powder (maybe I just suck at using it haha I only have the mini so that might make a difference)
anything MAC, but especially the brushes...

Underrated: L'Occitane Milk Concentrate... so many people love the brands hand cream and don't go further into the line! This lotion was skin changing for me. All my KP gone, skin smoother than if I did any peel, and less than the amount in a sephora sample jar covers my entire body; has great economy in that way. Plus, cutest packaging ever. 
BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 25: depends on your skin tone and type but this is my make-up go to when I have to take photos- it makes my skin look radiant without looking oily, which is a fine line.

& I concur with LORAC being an underrated brand. I LOVE their eyeshadows and I use their eye primer over UD or Too Faced's. It works so well I haven't played with other brands beyond that though Smiley Happy

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Overrated for me... almost everything by Benefit and most Too Faced. I know, I'm a crazy person. Smiley Wink Exceptions being Benefit's Porefessional, which was surprisingly effective for controlling the crazy amounts of oil my skin produces. And I like Too Faced's shadow palettes quite a bit. But whenever they try to do something other than make pretty colors, it's a total fail for me. Especially that Lip Insurance!! It took a good month to reverse the extreme dryness/chapping it caused.


Underrated... That's harder. I'm going with Illamasqua's sealing gel. I'm in love with it! It turns all my shadows into liners that STAY ON! I've had such trouble with smudging and flaking liners, this product has been total Holy Grail for me.


Oh! And Sephora's Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover is one of the best I've ever tried!

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Overrated for me would be the Make Up Forever Pro Finish... I hated the orangy look I had an hour later.  I love MUFE but wasn't impressed by that.


Underrated I would say Lancôme's Juicy Tubes...  I love them.

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

MUFE foundations and face products, in general, don't really impress me.

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