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Underrated and Overhyped?

Just for fun:


What do you think is an underrated product or brand?

What do you think is an overhyped product or brand?


For me, my answers would be:


Underrated would be LORAC.  I really love all the products I've tried.  With the exception of the Pro Eyeshadow Palette, many of the other products get overlooked.  However, in my opinion they are always really high quality.  


Overhyped would be Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder.  I know many people will think I'm crazy with this, but I find it very high priced and there are products out there that can give a similar effect.  I have it but don't really love it. 

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

I definitely have to use up too many mascaras before I can buy another one! They're too pricey to just throw away because they're old and I haven't used it!! 

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

You two have convinced me to try Givenchy mascaras now!

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Do it!!! 

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

the givenchy foundation is amazing!!! feels so light and is beautiful! in a black simple bottle too Smiley Happy

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

LOVE Algenist!! Totally agree that this line is SO underrated.

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

It gives pretty quick results too!


Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Yes, to all of these! I think Algenist may suffer from their plain packaging, it's not exciting to recommend if it looks so blah from the outside. The product inside is great though!

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

LOL I think if their packaging were gold and shiny or purple and green, they'd get more attention!

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Ya know, I hate to say it, but half the reason why I'm devoted to Urban Decay is the heavy amount of purple in their packaging.  I mean, they're great, but my first reaction when I saw them was "I'm going to buy that eyeshadow because the display is so pretty . . . and purple."  Oh, well.

Re: Underrated and Overhyped?

Recently I finally admitted to myself that I LOVE pretty packaging. I know it has nothing to do with the product itself, but... I just appreciate the effort put in to making them pretty. 

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