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The Question Thread 2.0!!

Have a question about a setting spray, foundation, concealer color, or an eyeshadow palette?? Look no further than here! Post your questions here about anything and everything makeup, skin, and hair related. Our community is great about helping out gals and guys in need of an answer. Don't be shy - ask away Smiley Happy.


skincare 101 thread -

Makeup 101 thread -

The Hair thread -

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@suzyo  THANK YOU !! I never noticed that wheel/setting icon Smiley Very Happy it's so faded grey. I just used to see "show more" and that shows me just the notifications. 

Thanks for your help. I can now actually use all the bookmarks I have created in past one year which were just going into a black hole so far Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

First of all... I live this thread. It helps me avoid opening a whole new thread for small questions.


Where or what brand do you ladies buy workout clothes (for women with larger midsection/tummy area)?


Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@naturalooks15 Try Gap! I love their workout line, called Gap Fit. Tons of high waisted pants with sculpting and lifting, and they are super comfortable. My Gap tights and leggings are my favorite, I prefer them over other brands.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Thanks @alexasteph  I plan to go check it out today

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@naturalooks15 I think Gap is having a big sale right now too, so you should get some good prices!

@naturalooks15 nike dri-fit pants. I have the loose fit,...

@naturalooks15 nike dri-fit pants. I have the loose fit, capris & the leggings. .they have more give than the VS. yes, I have the knockout not total. the cotton leggings high rise are awesome too. I just got some during the sale and am in loovvvveee!😍😍😍💙

I like nike & victoria secret-the knockout, I've read the...

I like nike & victoria secret-the knockout, I've read the total knockout is too thin aka not squat approved😬. They're tight fitting so they'll squeeze everything in & make it stay put instead of jiggling around. The band is also pretty wide. The pockets are also great-they have ones without. @naturalooks15 I would try them on instore but they work for me- mom of 4, 4 x csection & lover of sweets

Re: I like nike & victoria secret-the knockout, I've read the...

@sonnydee  Thanks a lot. I read about VS knockout somewhere recently. Will check them out. So... you are saying there are two versions “knockout” and “Total Knockout” and I should stick with the 1st one, right?


Also, Which style in Nike? There are so many!



Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Girlfriend makes my absolute favorite leggings, and they have a huge range of sizes. They also sell shorts and sports bras, but I only own the leggings.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@makeitup305 @SportyGirly125  Do you use brush for applying those complexion products (Hollywood filter and Dior backstage) or beauty blender?

wondering if I should buy any of the complexion brushes that are currently on sale.

RE: Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

My favorite way to apply Dior foundation is with my fingers then I use the large Sephora Airbrush (it’s on sale, short squat brush) around my hairline to blend since I’m so blonde and gently over the face in case there are any streaks. The finger method works best with dewy and satin finish foundations, not so well with natural/ matte—for that I think a beauty blender is the best way to go for Dior, they have a thin consistency and high pigment ratio that make it kind of difficult to get a smooth application with a brush (imo).

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@naturalooks15 I use a small stipple brush from ELF to blend the  Flawless Filter but mostly because I'm lazy and forget to wet my sponge but a sponge works just as well. Same with the Dior foundation- I usually use a brush because it's more convenient since my makeup isn't in my bathroom. I've used a sponge before and it gives a more sheer coverage since it absorbs some of the product. 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@naturalooks15 For flawless filter I just use the wand it comes with and apply to to my face and then blend my foundations with beauty oil on a dish and apply with a sponge because on work days I’m in a hurry to get ready 


When I have more time I use a beauty blender or Artis 10 brush 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Has anyone tried Overtone conditioners? I've never dyed my hair but I think this would be a fun thing to try. I probably wouldn’t use it all over my head, just ombré at the ends or some pieces on the underside of my hair. Does it take a long time to fade like other semi permanent colors?

RE: Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Hi! I’ve tried the Overtone. I have naturally dark hair with blonde balayage and I bought the dark purple for brown hair. It really only showed up on the blonder parts but it was VIBRANT. The brown hair had a purple tint but wasn’t as noticeable. I was so so impressed though. It comes with a maintenance conditioner too so you can keep up the color. The tub of the deep color was huge though so you can get quite a few uses out of it if you only want to use it on parts. Mine lasted for almost a month without using any of the conditioners - washing about 3x a week!

Re: RE: Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

That looks really nice @BeardieMama ! I love the dragon cameo too! Did it stain your hair at all or did it all rinse out eventually?

Re: RE: Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Haha thanks! That’s Mikey Waffles. And no it didn’t stain my blonde at all which I was REALLY surprised about. The stuff totally will dye your hands putting it on though so wear gloves. I learned that the hard way Smiley Happy

Re: RE: Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Haha I like the name @BeardieMama ! Thanks for the tip! I might order a sample or two of the conditioner to try out!

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Anyone knows if there is any difference between these two microfiber towels? One works any better than the other?


DEVACURL - DEVATOWEL™ Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel


and AQUIS - Lisse Luxe Hair Towel

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@naturalooks15 I have both of them! I prefer the Aquis one! They are very similar - I do think the deva curl one is slightly softer to the touch - like if you touched them both the deva curl one feels higher quality -  but the Aquis one absorbs water a bit quicker which for me is the more important thing . You can find the Aquis ones on sale a lot as well - they are always in like the fabfitfun add ons and such. They are both thin - the deva curl one is slightly thinner. 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@Kim888  This helps. I probably need to look for deals/ sale on aquis ones. 

I bought two on amazon (years ago) that are so different than the one I bought in Sephora that it makes me not want to buy from Amazon but I'll search up other places. 

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