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The Question Thread 2.0!!

Have a question about a setting spray, foundation, concealer color, or an eyeshadow palette?? Look no further than here! Post your questions here about anything and everything makeup, skin, and hair related. Our community is great about helping out gals and guys in need of an answer. Don't be shy - ask away Smiley Happy.


skincare 101 thread -

Makeup 101 thread -

The Hair thread -

RE: Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

It’s after the sale, but if you’re still looking the La Mer loose powder and Koh Gen Do loose powder are really great for dry skin and won’t oxidize

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@niki172 get HOURGLASS - Veil™ Translucent Setting Powder


it is perfect for dry skin and blends beautifully in the skin. I have light skin that is dry and it doesn’t go on cakey and has no color. 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Thanks @SportyGirly125 . Did you have issues with foundation separating also? It likes to happen around my nose/chin/upper lip area, and it's driving me nuts lol. Plus I'm trying to extend my makeup wear time in the process and the summer heat/humidity can ruin your makeup quite quickly in the Midwest.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@niki172 I have no issues with separation at all. I set my whole face with powder.  I live in CA and we have random heat waves.  I also make sure to use MAC prep and prime skin refined zone where I get oily and MAC blot powder on top of oily areas and have no issues.  Then use the Hourglass under my eyes and nose area and Charlotte Tilbury Flawless powder everywhere else   

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@SportyGirly125  so do you like the CT powder better for the face?

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@niki172 it depends what you want and the finish. I use multiple powders just because. You don’t have to. The only drawback with the CT powder is that the Fair shade does have color, the Hourglass does not. 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@SportyGirly125 I don't necessarily need color, but I'd like something with maybe a slight sheen to help me not look so dry as I don't really have issues with oiliness throughout the day. I don't want a matte look so something along the lines of a natural look in a powder. 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@niki172 you could try MAC Mineralized skin finish they offer a greater shade range or if you use the Hourglass veil setting powder spray some finishing spray so it won’t look so matte.  Or just set with powder where you need it and leave the rest powder free. 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Anyone has any opinion about either of these?? Looking for a moisturizing product as my hair feel very dry.

I remember some folks were using and liking one of these products but not sure which one.  


@tastelikewater @ShortErica I think you guys were using one of these? 

BRIOGEO - Farewell Frizz™ Rosarco Milk Leave-In Conditioning Spray

BRIOGEO - Don't Despair, Repair!™ Strength + Moisture Leave-In Mask

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@naturalooks15 I use Oribe Moisture Masque and love the results it gives my hair. 

Thanks for tagging me @Loretta55! @naturalooks15, @bakeam...

Thanks for tagging me @Loretta55! @naturalooks15, @bakeamuffin and I both use a lot of Briogeo. I like the mask but haven't used the leave in. I also use the Don't Depair Repair conditioner, which I alternate with another DivaCurl conditioner that I own. I really like the scalp revival treatment, too. In my opinion they're really good products, although Sephora carries lots of great hair brands.

@naturalooks15, I've used both the deep conditioning mask...

@naturalooks15, I've used both the deep conditioning mask and the leave in mask. I don't mind the leave in mask but I have really thick hair, so when I use it, I still have to use a gel on top. If you don't have curly hair, you may not need to do that. I've repurchased the deep conditioning mask but not the leave in mask.

Re: Thanks for tagging me @Loretta55! @naturalooks15, @bakeam...

@curlychiquita  This mask here is “leave-in mask”. Is this the one you use & like?

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@naturalooks15 , I think you are looking for @curlychiquita . I thought that I saw in the Hauls thread, she discussed Briogeo products.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@naturalooks15 I only have a sample size of the leave-in spray, so I don’t think it was me. Sorry I can’t be of more help! I’ve liked every Briogeo product I’ve tried with one exception. The spray is nice, doesn’t make a huge difference in my hair, but then again I’ve only used it a few times.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@tastelikewater me too. I've only had one or two sample sizes and I've used them up but nothing life changing.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

Not me @naturalooks15 


Could be @tastelikewater or maybe @bakeamuffin ?

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

If we're already Rouge and we renew for VIB status this year do we not get anything anymore? We used to get a 15% off coupon I though :/.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!


Sadly, you get nothing. The VIB gift is only for new VIBs or folks that were VIB last year...I guess Sephora assumes all Rouges will reRouge and won't waste a gift on us twice

(I'm pretty salty about this, as I haven't even VIB'ed yet this year, and there is a very high chance I won't reRouge either)



Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!

@RGbrown well that stinks. 500 points beats nothing so even if we got that I'd be happy. Oh well not much I can do about it Smiley Tongue.