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The Question Thread 2.0!!

Have a question about a setting spray, foundation, concealer color, or an eyeshadow palette?? Look no further than here! Post your questions here about anything and everything makeup, skin, and hair related. Our community is great about helping out gals and guys in need of an answer. Don't be shy - ask away Smiley Happy.


skincare 101 thread -

Makeup 101 thread -

The Hair thread -

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

@purly have you checked out the makeup forever one? They have a matte white eyeliner and though it does not specifically say on Sephora it is waterline safe if you read some articles on safe waterline options this one is listed 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

@purly Wet 'N Wild should have a true white eyeliner.  I wore it in the 90s, so it's interesting to see how the white liner is coming back.  IDK if it's advertised as safe for the waterline, though.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

Yeah, I need something waterline safe. :/


I just read the old Kevin Aucoin book Making Faces (from 1997! lol) and I wanted to play with the eye widening look.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

Has anyone ever tried products from Sprouts before? Have any good recommendations? I'm looking to switch my skincare / makeup products to cleaner / less toxic ingredients.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!


A Question Thread is an excellent idea, but @etscore1 already has an active  Question Thread. Smiley Happy

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

@tsavorite I understand that there was already an existing question thread. With the influx of new people asking a lot of questions and the fact that the thread hasn't been updated in quite a while, I thought I'd start this one as I've not seen etscor 1 in a long time. Not trying to step on anyone toes just trying to make a place where people can ask questions and not have to make new posts Smiley Happy

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!


Hi, niki, I have seen @etscore1 around on some Threads, and she has an updated avatar for the new BIC.  Have you tried PM'ing her?  I just want to prevent any hard feelings or misunderstandings similar to what happened on another Thread recently.

I don't mean to tell you what to do, just putting some suggestions out there.  Of course you don't want to step on any one's toes.  I don't either.  Smiley Happy

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

Thank you @TopazBeth I haven't had baby shampoo around the house for such a long time but I'll have to get some and try it.

and Thank you both @niki172 and @mrsbaine for the joint effort Smiley Happy I will definitely get the shea moisture black soap to have on hand as well!


Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

All right, I've got one- does anyone have a good tubing mascara? I feel like all mascara smudges eventually and I am much too lazy to remove waterproof. I tried the original Blinc one but it didn't really do much for me. Or alternatively, what are some good mascaras that you guys find long-lasting but not hard to get off?


Thank you for another question thread @niki172

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

@blueviolet21 I know this is a little late... did you already find one you like?

otherwise, i really love L'Oreal's Paris Volume Million Lashes Couture Mascara

I wear contacts so my eyes tear up a lot, and i have very oily eyelids - but this mascara has NEVER smudged! also, it washes away really neatly with basic eye makeup remover Smiley Happy give it a try if you haven't found a good one yet!

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

My FAVORITE is Bobby Brown "eye opening" mascara. I always used to struggle with finding a mascara that I liked and made my eyelashes look good, but this one is amazing. I live at the beach and wear it swimming all of the time and have never had any problems with it smugging or coming off in the water. With that being said, its also really easy to take off with makeup wipes or just face wash. I also swear that it has made my lashes longer... to the point where I don't even have to use a curler anymore. Everyone who I recommend this mascara to also falls in LOVE with it. This is going to be my long time favorite. Before Bobby Brown, I used to wear "better than sex" by too faced and YSL... I highly recommend the Bobby Brown one!!

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

@blueviolet21 Ok don't get crazy! Lol! Even though you can layer those brands doesn't mean you're gonna get super voluminous lashes. Think more like everyday, work appropriate. 


You can can build up Blinc a little but you have to keep building while it's wet. Once it dries you're out of luck. TBH I like tubing mascara so much I use it every day. Every now and then I'll try something different out of the 47,000 samples I have but I keep coming back to it. 

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

Haha work appropriate is all good Smiley Happy I can deal with that. I can't wait to pick up some new mascaras. Thanks again @jozkid

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

@blueviolet21 My favorite tubing mascaras are the Kevyn Aucoin curling mascara and Trish McEvoy curling mascara. I kind of suspect they may be related, but I prefer Trish a bit more. Unlike Blinc, you can add layers with these. But I find Blinc to be a little more waterproof than the other two. If you try to add layers with Blinc (once it's dry) you'll get a gloppy mess. You aren't going to get a ton of volume from tubing mascaras, in any case, but the plus side is they really don't smear or run or any of that stuff.


If you're finding them difficult to remove, it's because you're probably trying to use makeup remover. DON'T! That's the best part of these babies. Splash warm water several times onto your eyes to soften the mascara. Once it's been softened, simply use your finger to gently glide the tubes off your lashes. They will look like spider legs or your lashes being ripped out. Don't fret — they're not. Actually, since I've been using tubing mascaras, my lashes are really healthy. They don't get dried out or broken. Honest!


There are some other tubing mascaras out there. I know Clinique makes one that a lot of people like, but I haven't tried it. A clue to whether it's tubing or not is if they use the term "surrounds" or "shrinkwraps" or something like that. Hope that helps!

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

It helps a ton! Thank you so much @jozkid. I didn't like the Blinc for the reason you said-- you couldn't layer it and so I guess I felt it didn't have enough oomph to it. It looked a bit sad, I guess? But if you can layer the KA and the and the Trish McEvoy, that takes care of the problem. I will check them out. Thanks again!

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

The revival!


Let those questions roll!! 

RE: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

@niki172 thank you for this 😘

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

thanks sooooo much for making this @niki172!!

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

What a great thread idea!  @niki172


I don't have any questions right now, but I know where to come if I think of one.  😊

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

Thank you @Tamara76. I know we as a community have a vast knowledge so here is one place where we can help each other out 😊.

Re: The Question Thread 2.0!!!

Thank you! Great idea to start this thread  @niki172  the other question thread is somewhat lost and the op isn't active anymore.

I do have a question.  I started using beauty blenders this year and I was wondering if you really need to use a special product to wash them with why wouldn't you just be able to use a little of the same make up cleanser that we use to take the makeup off of our face to cleanse the beauty blender? Thoughts? (well of course one of the less expensive options)


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