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So... BB Creams.

Well i am seeing all the hype over BB creams. In some questions i saw, people were saying the best ones were from some korean stores. Specifically skin79, Missha, and The Face Shop. I was curious what specific ones people were using from these places, what they reccommend. I also would like to know what makes the korean BB cream better than certain brands here in the U.S.?

Re: So... BB Creams.

I would say, initially when BB creams were first being released in America, they were more like tinted moisturizers and without all the benefits that Asian BB creams boast about. However, I think the market in the West has grown (especially with customer response) and now are considerably better. Also, Dr. Jart+ is a Korean brand that many Koreans like. The skin79, Missha, etc. are kind of like highstreet/drugstore brands in Korea, whereas Dr. Jart+ is more..."up there". 

Re: So... BB Creams.

I think it's personal preference but I think the Asian BB creams are better suited for Asian skin tones. Dior was smart about this and sells Dior Snow in Asian markets and also at Nordstrom (different from the Dior Hydra Life at Sephora). Side note: I recently scored a two pack of Dior Snow for $85 at the LAX Duty Free Smiley Happy


I really like Skin79 because it moisterizes the best out of the ones I tried, especially the hot pink and diamond one. I like that they have a huge variety. The Skin79 BB powder is awesome too. If you're near an Asian cosmetic store (the Chinese and Japanese ones will have Korean BB creams too) I definitely recommend checking  them out for yourself.


To answer your last question, maybe Asian BB cream makers just have more experience. BB creams have been popular in Asia for close to 10 years, and the western market is just finding out about it now.

Re: So... BB Creams.

Smashbox camera ready has good coverage and i asked at my local sephora store the differents between a tinted moisterizer and BB cream and they said that bb cream was for people with dryer skin. hoped i helped Smiley Happy


Re: So... BB Creams.

I love the BB creams from The Face Shop & Etude House, also a Korean brand. The U.S. BB creams do have a much wider range of color shades to choose from than Korean BB cream though, Korean BB creams are usually in a few light/medium shades. I personally like the Korean BB creams more because i've been using them for a long time now and it works a lot better. Also it's a lot cheaper than the U.S. brands where they charge you like $40 for a tube. I've tried Smashbox and Dr.Jart+, somehow the texture just seems very different from koreans bb cream and after applied it doesn't give me the feeling of not having anything on while Etude House/The Face Shop is very light. In my own experience Smashbox and Dr.Jart+ just doesn't seem to work as well on my asian skin as well as Etude & Face Shop. The Face Shop I use Oil Cut Dual BB for shine free and it also comes with a concealer and a mini mirror in the screw in cap. It doesn't get greasy/oily throughout the day and it lasts the whole day I'm out. It is a little sheer and doesn't give maxium or heavy coverage but it covers redness, pores etc. and it finishes off with a flawless smooth powdery matte look. 

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