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Sephora traveling box #2




edit: whatever is left over will go to Shade Tree in Las Vegas, Nv. They take in victims of domestic violence including children. If there is  something you would like to donate specifically to them, I will have a separate bag you can put things in that will be of limits to swapping.

Here it is! I will be adding more before I mail it to the first person. I don't know how to go about making the list 

so if someone can help, I would appreciate it. Most of the samples in the box are deluxe so please swap with a like item.  Add what you want just nothing gross or used too much. I guess we


edit(finally) the final list



1. jaimelove

2. bambina 2011




6. Missie772

7, Poshified

8. DesertRose0706


















26. carrie1975



-don't keep the box for more than a few days

-don't put in anything unsanitary

-send your address to the person above you

-try to place what you took with something as nice or nicer

-don't take all of one kind of item, for example, if there are 3 of one perfume, take only 1 so that others will have a chance to try them

-post in a picture and/or text what you took and left

-package things carefully and put things that could leak in ziplock bags

-have fun, try some things you haven't tried before

-if you think there is a need for more rules, post a reply to this

edit: whatever is left over will go to Shade Tree in Las Vegas, Nv. They take in victims of domestic violence including children. If there is  something you would like to donate specifically to them, I will have a separate bag you can put things in that will be of limits to swapping.

Here it is! I will be adding more before I mail it to the first person. I don't know how to go about making the list 

so if someone can help, I would appreciate it. Most of the samples in the box are deluxe so please swap with a like item.  Add what you want just nothing gross or used too much. I guess we can do the same rules as #1. So, who wants to get this beauty box first?





Re: Sephora traveling box #2

YAY. the box is in portland tonight and should arrive tomorrow! can't wait Smiley Happy 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

OMG! How exciting!!! Tomorrow is gonna be a great day! 😊

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

indeed Smiley Happy my daughter comes home from her dad's on thursday so i'm going to wait until then to make any final decisions. she's 10 and loves to help me with my makeup choices lol. she's going to be a know it all when it comes time that i start allowing her to wear makeup to school! (probably 7th or 8th grade, that's how old we were when my mom let us start buying basic items. but maybe not until high school, because she's already growing up way too fast!) i'll try to get it shipped out to you on friday! if not, we will really try for saturday, but my boyfriend has school in the am and work in he pm so he'll have to hit the post office on his way home from school Smiley Happy 


edit: i have a few boxes coming on friday too, so i may have some samples to throw in Smiley Happy i know i grabbed one or two of the urban decay lippy samples with you in mind, since you said you were interested in makeup! also the cover fx primer perk that i haven't tried before. i got two of those so i will likely throw one in Smiley Happy 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

sounds like a great mother-daughter activity! Mine is in college soi don't get to do those very often. We do get to do that over the phone as she opens her surprise boxes.

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

how fun! carli is just now starting to get into more girly things... her step dad is getting scared that soon he'll have two of us spending a ton of money at sephora and elsewhere. lol. i try to get carli a few little surprises every time she's at her dad's house Smiley Happy i'm actually kind of excited for her to start wearing makeup and such, just so we can shop for it together! once in a while i'll give her little makeovers when we are just hanging out around the house. she's 10 and she's already too dang pretty so she doesn't wear it out! 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

yay! it's here Smiley Happy saving all of my final decisions for tomorrow when my daughter is here, but i have a pretty good idea of what i'll be taking Smiley Wink 


sorry, bambina, i took all of the makeup! 


jk, i only took i think 3 makeup items and left the rest for you Smiley Happy i did grab one of each of the perfume minis though! and there're more items going in than i took out, but nothing so bulky as the perfume boxes so there's still plenty of room Smiley Happy i also added a couple of givenchy mister light foils... they're 2 ml but a full size is only 1.5 ml and sells for $34. does that make sense to anyone else? lol. 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Thanks girly! Have fun with your daughter tomorrow! I can't wait for the box to arrive! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

I got a sample of the Givenchy Mister Light foil packet as well. I looked just looked at mine (I am traveling and chucked it in there). It is 2 ml!!! Is it a mistake that it is so much in there but the full size is 1.5 ml? Maybe it is supposed to say .2 ml?

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

i don't think so... i opened one of mine up to swatch (too dark, bummer!) and set it down on a basket next to my couch. then my son dropped his bottle off of the couch and when i reached for it i rested my elbow on the sample and it squirted out all over my arm and the basket! definitely not .2 ml Smiley Happy i was wondering if there was a mistake on the website where it says that full size is 1.5, but in some of the reviews people were complaining about how little there was in the pen. seems like their just charging for the applicator lol. someone should check it out next time they're in a sephora! i don't have a full size near me and sijcp doesn't carry givenchy. it's crazy that they would give away for free more than what they package and sell. 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Oh no! I hate when that happens!! I hope it didn't stain your clothes! I did that with a BB cream once on my PJs. I wiped off the excess and just threw it into the basket. After I had washed and dried it, the shirt had a BB cream stain on it! I figured if it would wipe off with makeup remover or cleanser, then putting it through the washer would get it off. Guess not! I think it sat in the dirty clothes pile a bit too long and it soaked in!


The Sephora I normally go to does not have Givenchy there. The one a bit further away does. I may go there and check it out to see how much is in the actual item. That would be absolutely insane to give away a foil packet that has more product than the actual Mister Light! It probably is the pretty applicator pen that people are paying for!

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

luckily i was wearing a short sleeved shirt, so nothing got anywhere but on my skin, and on the magazine that it was on top of Smiley Happy easy clean up! 


i always have way too much laundry so stuff stays in the dirty baskets too long, i'm always forgetting things and letting stains set it >< at least it was just pjs that got stained, though, and not something that you would actually wear out of your house! unless you're one of "those"... Smiley Wink 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

ps: my boyfriend did the math for me (i can't math! and he's a mathematical genius) and those foils have $45.33 worth of product in them. holy cow. so basically people are paying for a $34 applicator lol. and it's one of those annoying clicky pens like the stila glosses it looks like! hopefully someone can use them, that's a pretty dang expensive free sample haha. 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

ok. here's my tentative lists:



sephora highlighting compact powder (still debating)

laura mercier flawless skin face polish

nars satchel with 4 deluxe samples

sephora compact mirror

hello kitty polish x3

ole henriksen truth serum

body shop shadow duo

flowerbomb mini

miss dior mini 

yellow diamond mini

gucci flora gorgeous gardenia mini

amazing grace mini

loverdose mini

crystal noir mini

bright crystal mini

especially escada mini

balenciaga mini

~18 foils



soap & glory face soap and clarity 1oz *new

tarte amazonian clay double detox mask deluxe sample *new

essie in leading lady *swatched

sephora ultra vinyl lip pencil in coral crush *used once

julep suede finish polish in brit *swatched

honest co. organic lip balm in purely simple *new

pop beauty pouty pop lip crayon in fuchsia flirt *swatched

nyx ultra pearl mania loose powder in penny *new

julep quick dry polish drops *used once

julep age defying hand brightener 1oz *new

sephora colorful mirror shadow in queen for a day deluxe sample *new

tarte rise & shine lip gloss & stain in pink *swatched

tarte rise & shine lip gloss & stain in nude *swatched

tarte lash primer deluxe sample *new

julep glitter pot in pink *new

julep polish in brandt *swatched

sephora cream body was cap in lagoon

sephora cream body wash cap in lemon verbena

julep suede finish polish in minka *one manicure

hope in a jar night deluxe sample *used once

hope in a jar deluxe sample *new

nailtini polish in mai tai *new

marc jacobs highliner deluxe mini in blaquer *new

bh cosmetics california collection deluxe shadow sample (3 shadows) *swatched

bumble & bumble bb texture hair undressing cream deluxe sample *new

nyx cream shadow in chestnut *swatched

julep polish in chelsea *swatched 

~40 foils/perfume vials


i also have a target brand (up & up) facial scrub that's still nearly full if any one is interested. forgot to check the package for salicylic acid when i bought it and then wondered why my face was on fire and looked like a lobster. oops. 



Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Can you please leave of the Gucci mini perfumes, if you don't mind? There were only 2, right? I've been wanting to try that perfume for a long time! Smiley Wink

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

done! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Thank you!!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

there are two different ones, i left you the magnolia! they both smell so good, the only way i could choose which one to keep was that gardenia is my favorite color- pink! 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Sounds good! Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

I am only planning to get a couple mini perfumes for this box cause I am all the way down the list, my number is #15. Since you are #1 and so pretty and are able get 12 mini perfumes, can you please leave me Chloe? I am dying to try that. But if you really love it too then no big deal cause you have first pick Smiley Happy.

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

i have a handful of chloe vials, if that's good enough for you Smiley Happy but if not, then i'll put your  name on this one Smiley Happy it's the cutest, teensiest little baby bottle! 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

Aw. If you could put my name on the mini, that would mean a lot to me. You are the best. Thanks jaimelove!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

done! and i threw in one of the little vials for you, too. if you're anything like me you won't want to use the perfume in the minis! 

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

I wanted to add the rest of the rules here.

If something is marked for someone else, please don't take it.

- if you want to take 10 of something similar, that is fine but please replace some with like items, if you can.

-I think we should limit what we want set aside to the minimum amount. If there is something you've been dying to try, reserve it! But let's not get carried away so half the box is reserved.

-message me if you have any concerns or issues with respect to the box, your turn, etc.

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

anybody want to do a deluxe perfume mini only traveling box? We could make it so for every one you take you must replace it with another deluxe mini perfume, not all the same ones though. I could get it started!

Re: Sephora traveling box #2

@carrie1975, I think you've hit on a key theme here. It's hard to see all of those perfume minis go and none be added, even if I have them all already and wouldn't take one! I have this vague hope that some others would be added and something fun might show up. 


I"d possibly be interested in a mini perfume box, but it might be hard to organize. If you have a large stash then you might get the box and find nothing new in it for you. So working out who wanted what might be harder. I know I would be unhappy to have the only thing that I wanted in a box be promised to someone after me. Also, I think the box would have to be smaller and go via surface mail. It's very hard to say there is no perfume in it when everything is perfume!


I do think it makes sense to try to keep the box balanced. I know I'd hate to see a box with lots of blushes 3 people ahead of me suddenly have no blush in it left for me to consider (my stash is noticably low there.) Nad I agree, a few reserves are fine, but a half reserved box would be no fun for someone to receive. So think sbout what the next few people get  to choose from when you take things out and put things in.  ( I am pretty sure the folks after me don't want all Philosophy shower gels and lip glosses and Sephora moisturizers, but let me know if I'm wrong Smiley Wink )


Now who's sending me so e blushsuggestions, anyway Smiley Wink


Appologies for typos. The iPad is driving me nuts tonight!

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